Capital of Taiwan: map, photo. What is the capital city in Taiwan?

Taipei - the capital of Taiwan

Taipei - the capital of Taiwan

The status of this city is not entirely certain, since communist China considers it the center of one of the Chinese provinces, and the Taiwanese - the main city of an independent country. Another thing is important - the capital of Taiwan, beautiful Taipei, has an entertaining history, so the interest from tourists does not wane.

Economic miracle

Today this city is a large industrial and scientific center, it is developing rapidly. The number of inhabitants is increasing, it is approaching one and a half million. The city is famous for its unique modern architecture and gigantic construction scale. To appreciate the scale, it is enough to go down to the metro or walk around the Ximending quarter..

Tourist Taipei

There are few historical sights on the city map, including: the Northern City Gate, built during the Qing dynasty; East and South gates, though heavily reconstructed during the Kuomintang times.

The memorial erected in honor of one of the political leaders, former President Chai Kai-shek, deserves a special description in the booklets. The structure has a triangular roof, typical for pagodas, with traditional decoration on the outside and inside. Freedom Square was chosen to host the memorial, which has other beautiful architectural structures such as a concert hall and a theater. Nearby is the Presidential Palace.

Gugun Museum

The most interesting photos remain with tourists, guests of the capital of Taiwan, after visiting the Gugong Museum, however, the museum in Beijing has the same name, so sometimes there is confusion. In fact, this repository of ancient artifacts is the museum of the Imperial Palace. In terms of the number of visits, it is in seventh place in the world. Initially, the museum exhibits were stored in Beijing, later they were shipped to Taiwan.

Now, millions of fans of Chinese history come here every year to enjoy the magnificent collections. First of all, the attention of guests is attracted by:

  • amazing masterpieces of Chinese painting;
  • calligraphic works;
  • Chinese porcelain;
  • products, figurines from jade and bronze;
  • old manuscripts, books and documents.

The Gugong Museum is not the only one in the capital of Taiwan, the Art Museum contains paintings and sculptural works by Chinese masters of the brush, mainly from the post-war period. And the Museum of Modern Art receives ingenious creations of contemporary authors for storage..


  • Taipei - the capital of Taiwan
  • Taipei - the capital of Taiwan
  • Taipei - the capital of Taiwan