Resorts of Taiwan: photos, description

Resorts of Taiwan

Resorts of Taiwan

A special Chinese province with its own president and other authorities, Taiwan is not the most popular holiday destination for Europeans. But it is on this island that there are amazingly beautiful beaches where there are almost no people, and therefore fans of solitude and relaxation away from the noise of the city choose the resorts of Taiwan and bring home a whole heap of pleasant exotic impressions.

For or Against?

A tour to China for educational purposes can be combined with a vacation in the resorts of Taiwan. In this case, a long flight from the European part of Russia and a considerable air ticket price will be quite justified. Having worked out the planned excursion program on the mainland to the fullest, the tourist gets here a chance to switch to pleasant idleness away from people and megacities.
Highways on the island are excellent, and by renting a car, you can go around all the resorts of Taiwan and its beaches and choose the one that you especially like.
If tropical showers are not part of your beach plans, the best time to visit the island is between June and October. True, it is worth preparing for the fact that the thermometers during this period are unlikely to be less than thirty.

Always in the TOP

You can swim in the East China Sea and sunbathe on the beach at several popular resorts in Taiwan:

  • The city of Hengchun in the south of the island is located next to the popular Kenting National Nature Reserve. The pride of the resort is the beaches with clean white sand, stretching for a couple of kilometers along the coast, covered with lush tropical greenery. The main entertainment of active tourists is diving, for which all conditions have been created at the resort.
  • Fulong in the north of the island preaches family values. This resort has comfortable hotels for traveling with a baby, and the beach infrastructure will help both young and old travelers feel comfortable. A distinctive feature of this resort in Taiwan is not crowded, and therefore romantic couples love relaxation and solitude here..
  • On the Pescadores, in the strait between the mainland and Taiwan, there is almost no beach infrastructure, and hotels are represented by only a few hostels. But the rest in this resort in Taiwan will appeal to fans of nature untouched by civilization and lovers of observing the life of local fishermen..


  • Resorts of Taiwan
  • Resorts of Taiwan
  • Resorts of Taiwan