Flag of Tanzania: photo, history, meaning of the colors of the national flag of Tanzania

Tanzania flag

The national flag of the United Republic of Tanzania first saw the light of day in the summer of 1964, when the victorious uprising caused the emergence of a unified country.

Description and proportions of the flag of Tanzania

The rectangular shape of the Tanzanian flag is typical of the banners of all independent world powers. The flag is divided by a black diagonal stripe that runs from the left and bottom to the top and to the right. Its width is just over a quarter of the width of the entire panel. This field symbolizes the representatives of the African race, mainly inhabiting Tanzania..
Along the edges, a wide black stripe is limited by thin yellow fields, which remind of the natural reserves of Tanzanian bowels.
The black stripe on the Tanzanian flag forms two triangles on the cloth. On the left along the pole, the triangular field has a light green color and tells the observer about the nature of the country, its equatorial forests. On the right, Tanzania's flag has a blue triangle, the color of which symbolizes the waters of the Indian Ocean, the country's rivers and its famous Lake Taganyika. The length and width of the flag of Tanzania are related to each other in a ratio of 3: 2.

History of the flag of Tanzania

In 1884, the expedition of the German explorer and colonizer K. Peters announced the creation of a protectorate over some African territories, including modern Tanzania. The flag of the Society, led by an enterprising German, was a red rectangle bordered by a wide white stripe. In the corners of the Tanzanian flag of those years, black crosses were applied, and above the figure of a lion in its center was the Southern Cross..
In 1892, a white rectangle, decorated and divided into four equal parts by a black cross, became the flag of the Society and the country. The Southern Cross, stylized of five white stars, was inscribed in a red square at the flagpole..
Formed in 1964, a new state called Tanzania united the territories of Taganyika and the Republic of Zanzibar and Pemba.
Before the unification, the Taganyika flag was a rectangle that was horizontally divided into three equal parts. The top and bottom stripes were light green and the middle one was black. Green and black fields were separated from each other by thin yellow stripes.
The Sultanate of Zanzibar had a flag in the form of a simple red rectangle until 1963. In December, an image of golden carnation buds inscribed in a green circle in the center of the flag appeared on the banner.

Photos of the flag of Tanzania