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Traditional Tanzanian Cuisine

Food in Tanzania is characterized, though not very sophisticated, but tasty, satisfying and varied food..

Food in Tanzania

The diet of Tanzanians contains vegetables, meat (beef, goat meat, pork, poultry), seafood, fish, rice, cassava, legumes.
Since local bananas are unsweetened and taste like potatoes, the locals stew them, bake them, simmer them in the oven, cook them with meat and peanuts..
In Tanzania, enjoy buffalo steak; roast ostrich meat with tropical fruits; fish baked on coals; fried shrimp with lemon juice; octopus stew; duck with rice stewed in coconut milk; pancakes and flat cakes with various fillings; thick African porridge (fried and rolled into balls); seaweed salad; a dish of oysters and shells.
And as a dessert, those with a sweet tooth can try various tropical fruits (mango, papaya, coconuts, pineapples), popsicles, donuts, cakes with banana cream, halua (almond-coffee dessert).
If you are an exotic food lover, try crocodile or elephant stew, antelope fillet, fried warthog flank, fried locusts and termites.

Where to eat in Tanzania?

At your service:
- catering establishments at hotels and shopping centers, where you can order Tanzanian and international dishes;
- fish restaurants;
- street cafes;
- cafes offering their visitors a special menu for vegetarians.

Drinks in Tanzania

Popular Tanzanian drinks are tea, coffee, beer, gin, cognagi (a papaya drink that tastes like gin), liqueur (chocolate, coconut), wine.
In Tanzania, try local (Safari, Kilimanjaro, Serengeti) and imported (Castle, Stella Artois, Tusker) beers.

Food tour to Tanzania

On a food tour to Tanzania, you will visit the island of Zanzibar, where you will be offered to taste spicy dishes. But initially, your "tasty" journey will begin with a trip to the local market for food, from which delicious dishes will be prepared for you (rice with cinnamon, raisins, cloves, cumin, pepper).
In addition, as part of this tour, you will be taught how to cook a sorpotel (a dish based on beef liver, tongue and heart, stewed with special herbs and spices).
On vacation in Tanzania, you can see crater lakes and alpine meadows, go on safaris (walking, canoe safari and dhow sailing boat) and sightseeing excursions, sunbathe on white beaches, diving, snorkeling, paragliding, mountain trekking and also, taste Tanzanian dishes.
Whichever vacation destination you choose, a vacation in Tanzania will turn into an unforgettable adventure for you.!

Photos of Tanzanian national dishes