Resorts of Tanzania: photos, description

Resorts of Tanzania

The Republic of Tanzania is a real Africa with lions and elephants, volcanoes and savannahs, beaches and safaris. Everything is cool here: great diving, and live hippos leisurely crossing the highways, and real cloves and cinnamon that smelled of local markets. Choosing the resorts of Tanzania and its national parks, the traveler runs the risk of contracting a real and great love for Africa - an amazing continent where all feelings are real and emotions are genuine.

For or against?

Tours to the resorts of Tanzania are not cheap pleasure. And yet, every year, Russian travelers more and more often declare their desire to go to the very heart of the black continent in order to see African delights with their own eyes..
A visa to Tanzania is issued to a Russian tourist without any problems both at the Moscow embassy and right at the entrance to the country. The republic has a well-developed local air service and bus transport, but the quality of roads leaves much to be desired, and therefore renting a car here is not the most recommended option for getting around..
For a safe stay in Tanzania, doctors advise to get some vaccinations and prophylaxis with antimalarial drugs. You should be careful about the water you use - both for drinking, and for washing fruits, and for brushing your teeth..

If you dream about islands

The best beach resorts in Tanzania are located on its islands, even the names of which seem to have descended from the pages of novels about travel and distant wanderings:

  • The Zanzibar archipelago is the most popular among those who dream of an exotic beach holiday, but in a comfortable environment. The main and eponymous island of the archipelago is a set of the most modern hotels for any level of income, perfectly clear sea, white sand and quite a pleasant level of service. In Zanzibar, you can find democratic places to hang out - on the northern coast, like decades ago, young people gather to dance at night discos and snorkel in the coral lagoons during the day. And also the resorts of Tanzania in Zanzibar are an opportunity to get acquainted with the life and life of local residents engaged in fishing and growing spices..
  • On the beautiful island of Pemba, there are not too many hotels and equipped bathing places, and therefore this resort of Tanzania is preferred by fans of real exotic. Walking in the rainforest and getting to know the life of the natives, magnificent panoramic views and ideal diving opportunities attract active and inquisitive travelers to Pemba. However, those who love to lie on the beach will also like it here, because the white coral sand of Pemba turns a vacation into a heavenly pleasure..