Capital of Thailand: map, photo. What is the capital in Thailand?

Bangkok - the capital of Thailand

Bangkok - the capital of Thailand

Bangkok, the great capital of Thailand, is most often overlooked by tourists from Europe. For them, it is an intermediate point on the way to a beach holiday. In addition, guests are frightened by skyscrapers, seeming eternal heat and stuffiness in the streets, nightmare traffic and too active nightlife..

But there is another capital that has its own «supreme jewel» - the historical center, Chinatown, where goods from all over the world are collected, and Pratunam, a kind of Thai mecca for Russian tourists.

The main shrines of the capital

On any tourist map of Bangkok, among the main attractions stand out: the magnificent Royal Palace; Temple of the famous emerald Buddha; the largest temple complex Wat Po; Temple of Dawn. In general, there are about 400 religious and cult buildings in the city, each of which impresses with its complex architecture and exquisite interior decor. Local residents do not spare funds for decorating temples, a vivid example of this is the golden altar of the most famous emerald Buddha in Thailand..

The residence of the monarchs of Thailand is located in a magnificent palace complex built in a traditional style. There are many different buildings on the territory, as well as a huge park. Next to the palace you can see Lac Muang - this is a ceremonial swing, which consists of giant teak pillars and a carved crossbar connecting them.

Cultural landmarks

Guests of the city have a thousand opportunities to usefully spend time in Bangkok, not only walking the streets, parks and squares or visiting Buddhist temples. Many people prefer a cultural trip to the theater, acquaintance with museums.

The main guardian of Thai history is the National Museum, which contains the original masterpieces of local brush masters. Another interesting institution is the Silk Museum, which is located in the home of Jim Thompson, an architect and also a spy. Young tourists will remember the excursion to the Science Museum, the best in East Asia..

Bangkok's beautiful surroundings

Visitors to the capital of Thailand are not limited to exploring the city. In search of monuments and mysterious stories, they set off on a journey around the outskirts of the metropolis. The first capital of Siam is located north of Bangkok, where the ruins of ancient temple complexes and the ruins of no less old palaces have been preserved. A journey west from the modern capital of the state will lead to the world's tallest Buddha statue.

Bangkok landmarks, markets and temples


  • Bangkok - the capital of Thailand
  • Bangkok - the capital of Thailand
  • Bangkok - the capital of Thailand