Taxi in Bangkok - prices, order. How much does a taxi cost in Bangkok

Taxi in Bangkok

Taxi in Bangkok

Official taxis in Bangkok are brightly colored cars with meters and scoreboards. “Taxi-Meter” (in the car you will find plates from which you will find out the name of the carrier company and the name of the driver).

Taxi services in Bangkok

Upon arrival at Suvarnabhumi airport, you can go to the Public Taxi counter - the employee behind it will ask where you are going to go, after which he will consult with the taxi driver, write you a receipt and ask you to come to the taxi. It is worth considering that using taxi services in this way, in addition to landing, you will also pay airport tax (about 50 baht).

Telephone numbers of taxi companies where you can call and order a taxi: + (662) -424-30-62 (“BangkokTaxi”); + (662) -437-88-67 (“ThaiTaxi”). In addition, in Bangkog there is a general taxi operator, by calling the phone number of which you can place an order for the car delivery: + (662) -15-45.

You can also find a taxi near the main attractions, shopping centers and train stations (if you see a red light burning, then the taxi is free).

Since not all drivers know the city well, it is advisable to have a map or name with the address of the location of the object to which you need to get, written in Thai.

Tuk-tuk in Bangkok

There are no meters in tuk-tuk, so it makes sense to agree on the cost with the driver before the trip. This exotic form of transport can carry 2-3 passengers, and is able to travel where taxis and buses do not travel..

Motorcycle taxis in Bangkok

This type of taxi is an ideal solution for tourists in a hurry who do not want to sit in traffic jams for a long time, because taxi motorcycles go very fast. As for the fare for a motorcycle taxi, it is about the same as for a regular taxi (bargaining is appropriate). Advice: during the trip, it is worth wearing a helmet - this will not only protect you from possible injuries, but also from paying a fine.

Taxi cost in Bangkok

Anyone interested in how much a taxi costs in Bangkok will be able to navigate the prices by reading the information below:

  • for landing + the first 2 km of the journey you will be asked to pay 35 baht, and for the next - 5 baht / 1 km;
  • passengers are obliged to pay for travel on toll roads - on average, it costs 40-60 baht;
  • if a taxi gets into a traffic jam and the car moves at a minimum speed (less than 6 km / h), payment will be made at a price of 1.25 baht / 1 m.

As a rule, a trip around the city costs 50-250 baht, and from the airport to the center of Bangkok - 250-300 baht. It is worth noting that if you decide to take a taxi to the nearest suburbs of Bangkok or to another resort, for example, to Pattaya, the meter will not be used to pay for the fare - in this case, fixed prices will apply.

It is easy for a tourist to get lost in the maze of Bangkok streets, so if your goal is to get to the desired place without any problems, you should use the services of a local taxi..

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