Independent travel to Thailand

By yourself to Thailand

By yourself to Thailand

The popularity of the Land of Smiles among tourists is fully justified - the warm sea, invariable hospitality and the opportunity to choose a vacation depending on the state of mind and wallet attract millions of those who suffer complete and unconditional relaxation here. Often, travelers neglect the services of travel companies and go on vacation on their own. In Thailand, such an option for spending a vacation is an absolutely safe and even economically profitable idea, because choosing inexpensive housing, a suitable beach and a restaurant in the land of eternal summer is as easy as shelling pears.

Entry formalities

A Russian resident can independently go to Thailand without prior visa preparation. Entry for up to 30 days for Russian citizens is possible without a visa if the tourist arrives at one of the kingdom's international airports or arrives by land from a neighboring country.

Baht and waste

Thailand's currency is Thai Baht. It is possible to exchange rubles for baht in the kingdom, but not profitable, and therefore it is best to take American currency with you when going to Thailand on your own. Large bills are exchanged at a more favorable rate, which is approximately the same in banks and street exchangers. Credit cards will not be accepted everywhere, but ATMs for withdrawing cash in the kingdom are commonplace..
Depending on the desired level of relaxation comfort, spending can be:

  • $ 15–20 a day if you travel by public transport, live in cheap guesthouses with shared facilities and eat at street vendors. It's real, but not too comfortable and safe for health..
  • 25 - 50 $ per day - this is a hotel with a shower in the room and a fan, a cafe where there is a menu in English or Russian, and some pleasures in the form of a Thai massage session or a dinner with alcohol.
  • $ 50 and above will have to pay daily for accommodation in a comfortable hotel, food in restaurants and beach activities.

Valuable Tips

Going to Thailand on your own, it is worth taking note of useful information:

  • With a minimal vocabulary in English, you can save on food. It has long been noticed that in the Russian version of the menu in many cafes the prices are slightly higher than in others..
  • It is possible to use a Russian SIM card in the kingdom, but it is very expensive. The easiest way to buy a SIM card from a local operator is right at the airport or at any grocery store..
  • The cost of a taxi ride must be negotiated at the start, and it is best to use the services of cars equipped with meters. Public transport in Thailand is cheap and quite comfortable.  


  • By yourself to Thailand
  • By yourself to Thailand