Prices in Alanya - food, souvenirs, transport. How much money to take to Alanya

Prices in Alanya

Prices in Alanya

Alanya traditionally offers holidays at the lowest prices in comparison with other resorts in Turkey. The cost of living here is cheaper, however, hotels offer much less services than other hotels in the country. In addition, Alanya attracts tourists with its sandy beaches. If you are wondering what the prices are in Alanya, read our review further.

Resort hotels

Considering the hotel system in Alanya, you can see that the star rating of the hotel there sometimes does not correspond to the services offered and the level of service. Before traveling, it is recommended to carefully review the reviews of tourists about hotels. Pay attention also to the location of the establishment. Some budget hotels have 3-4 stars, but are located 15 km from the city center. There, vacationers begin to get bored, as there is little entertainment offered. They have to take a taxi or minibus to the beach. Therefore, it is better to rent accommodation in a hotel located in Alanya itself. There will be cafes, shopping centers, travel agencies near the hotel..

How much money to take with you

Last minute tour to Alanya can be purchased from 10 thousand rubles. If you are going to have an all-inclusive vacation, then you only need money for excursions and shopping. Bring at least $ 300 with you to entertain the resort's nightlife. A week's vacation for two costs about $ 500. Prices in Alanya for excursions are democratic. For example, the cost of a sightseeing tour for an adult is $ 40.

What can be bought in Alanya

Retail outlets are located mainly in the central area of ​​the resort. They occupy Ataturk Street. There you will find boutiques and shops of Turkish and other brands. Shopping streets cross Ataturk Street. Numerous shops and stalls with a variety of goods await tourists. Sales and promotions are held everywhere in Alanya. Many vacationers buy leather and fur products here. Their prices are lower than in shopping centers in Russia. A leather jacket can be purchased for $ 100-400. Souvenirs are popular: silk scarves, seashells, watches, jewelry. The cost of goods in bazaars, as announced by the seller, is not stable. Therefore, it is customary to bargain there. But in the shopping centers of Alanya, bargaining is inappropriate, since the prices are fixed there..
The cost of the most popular products:

  • souvenir fridge magnet - $ 1-4,
  • terry robe - $ 10;
  • bath towels - $ 5-10;
  • keychains for 3 dollars.

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