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Tours to Alanya

Tours to Alanya

On the shores of the bluest and warmest sea in ancient and exotic Turkey, there is a world-famous beach recreation center, which annually hosts tens of thousands of Russian travelers. Tours to Alanya have been popular for more than a decade, because the organizers of recreation at this resort manage to combine reasonable prices, high level of service and a varied entertainment program. And what else is needed for a not too pretentious tourist, for whom every vacation is a long-awaited and vital one?

History with geography

The resort is located on the Mediterranean coast, 140 km from the airport in Antalya. It was founded two hundred years before our era by colonists from Ancient Greece. They gave the city the name Karakession, and ancient Alania became for several centuries a convenient refuge for corsairs who hunted robbery and plunder of peaceful ships in the Mediterranean. The Romans cleared the city of pirates and it passed into the possession of Cleopatra, and then became part of the Byzantine Empire.
Tour participants in Alanya can touch the ancient heritage by going on a city tour. There is a 13th century fortress built by Sultan Kei-Qubad, who ruled the Seljuk kingdom. The open-air museum is a great place for photo shoots against the backdrop of the blue sea stretching out on the horizon.

Briefly about the important

  • When choosing the time for tours to Alanya, it is important to get acquainted with the weather forecast for the resort. The sea and the mountain range surrounding the city form a special microclimate, thanks to which Alanya becomes the warmest resort in the country. In winter, rains are frequent here, and the air warms up to +15 degrees. But already starting from the end of April, the beach season starts in Alanya, which lasts until late autumn. The average temperature at the height of the summer season can exceed +35 degrees..
  • Hotels in the city are designed for a wide variety of tastes, but mostly budget options prevail. The hotel areas are small, but very landscaped and green, and animation activities are most suitable for young people and middle-aged guests..
  • You can get from Antalya airport during a tour to Alanya by bus, which comes to the bus station every half hour.
  • To diversify your beach holiday, you can buy a ferry tour to North Cyprus. To purchase tickets, you must provide a passport the day before the trip for customs clearance.

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