Bodrum districts - name, description, photos of Bodrum districts, where to stay for a tourist

Districts of Bodrum

Districts of Bodrum

Those who are interested in the districts of Bodrum can take a look at the map of this Turkish resort, and then take a closer look at each of them (rest in different districts is aimed at both young people and families with children).

Names and descriptions of the main resort areas of Bodrum

  • Bitez: a great place for beginners and pros alike who want to hone their windsurfing skills (this is where the annual competition takes place).
  • Ortakent: will delight guests with the Blue Flag beach and the Dedeman water park (has 24 slides, of which the Giant Slide and Big Hole with light and sound effects stand out).
  • Torba: those who want to enjoy the silence and the local landscape (it will become an excellent backdrop for colorful photos), as well as the underwater life of the Aegean Sea, should come here. It is worth noting that the pier of Torba can become a starting point in Didim - travelers who get there by boat are advised to admire the ruins of the ancient temple of Apollo.
  • Gumbet: Local beaches offer conditions for relaxing swimming, windsurfing, kayaking, parasailing. For shopping, "Mygros" and "Gima" are suitable, and for lovers of nightlife - discos "Queen Vic", "Hemera", "The Shamrock". As for the excursion program, travelers can go to inspect the tomb of Saldyrshah.

Rest in Bodrum involves exploring its main attractions - the Myndos gate (the ruins of two of the three parts of the gate have survived to this day; restoration work has been carried out since 1998), the mausoleum of King Mavsol (today tourists can see the foundation and fragments of columns), St. Peter's Castle with a Museum underwater archeology (it is a repository of ancient manuscripts, a collection of early Islamic glass, the gold seal of Nefertiti, and here you can also see the remains of the Uluburun ship raised from the seabed; it is open from Thursday to Sunday).

Where to stay for tourists

Bodrum is a noisy and partying city, so if the purpose of your trip is to spend time with children, it makes sense to look at accommodation facilities in Bitez (in addition to high-quality hotels, it has inexpensive boarding houses, as well as shallow beaches with clear water) or Torbe ("sheltered" in mostly family-oriented 5-star hotels).

If you are interested in Gumbet hotels, they will delight you with all kinds of services and entertainment (swimming pools, water parks, animation).

Do you dream of solitude and tranquility? Find the right hotel in the Torba area. Almost all of them are luxurious "fives" with unusual design and high level of service (take a look at "Rixos Bodrum" or "Club Voyage Torba").

Photos of Limassol districts

  • Districts of Bodrum
  • Districts of Bodrum
  • Districts of Bodrum