Districts of Kemer - name, description, photos of districts of Kemer, where to stay for a tourist

Districts of Kemer

Districts of Kemer

If you look at the map, you can see that the resort area of ​​Kemer includes the city of Kemer itself and 5 more districts..

Names and descriptions of districts in Kemer

  • Kemer: a favorite destination for young people with exotic cocktail bars, foam parties and discos on land and at sea. Pebble beaches with a variety of types of water recreation, yacht excursions, the Moonlight complex with a children's club, a sandy beach, a dolphinarium, swimming pools and a tennis court will await guests here..
  • Goynuk: the main attractions of the area are caves, grottoes, beaches, bays, mountains, the canyon of the same name (horseback riding and hiking are organized). Among all this diversity, Mount Tahtali stands out - the ascent to its top can be done by cable car.
  • Beldibi: known for coarse-pebble beaches (some hotels bring fine sand to them) and a mountain river along which rafting tours are organized.
  • Kiris: This quiet place is a paradise for seekers of solitude with nature. In the Kirish area, you can relax on small-pebble beaches and dive (local waters keep the ruins of a sunken city, which can be viewed not only by diving under water, but also by going on an excursion to this place on a yacht with a glass bottom).
  • Camyuva: the area is famous for Paradise Bay - while swimming at night you can admire the glow of the water (the phosphorescent effect is created by special microorganisms).
  • Tekirova: famous for its beautiful beaches and underwater caves where you can meet seals, dolphins, sucker fish and other underwater inhabitants. And since there is a trout farm near this area, those who wish will be offered to catch several fish in a mountain stream, after which they will have a lunch of freshly prepared catch with wine or beer..

Attractions of the main areas

Vacationers in Beldibi are advised to go to inspect the ruins of Phaselis, as well as go to the Beldibi cave complex, where archaeologists found fragments of household utensils and rock paintings (while exploring the caves, tourists should be careful - there is a deep cliff near the entrance).

On vacation in Kemer, it is recommended to take a photo against the background of the sculptural composition "Tenderness and Love" with a decorative fountain; pay attention to the Aquaworld water park (guests will have a chance to descend from the Black Hole and Smerch slides, as well as conquer the wave in one of the pools) and Yoruk Park, where travelers will be able to see an ethnographic exposition (it is dedicated to the history Turkish people) with dwellings, workshops, utensils of nomads and their household items.

Guests of the Goynuk district will be interested to know that the Dinopark is located there - having visited it, they will see 28 figures of dinosaurs, which at a certain moment begin to move and make "scary" sounds dinosaur and a boat with an electric motor; participation in the excavation of a dinosaur; rock climbing).

Where to stay for tourists

Are you interested in mountain tourism and the opportunity to roam the rocks? In this case, preference should be given to hotels in the Goynuk area. As for tourists with children, they can be advised to stay in Tekirova hotels - a place with small pebbles.

Photos of Kemer districts

  • Districts of Kemer
  • Districts of Kemer
  • Districts of Kemer