Where to go with children in Kemer. Entertainment for children in Kemer

Where to go with children in Kemer?

Where to go with children in Kemer?

Kemer is considered a wonderful Turkish resort. There you will find beautiful beaches and first class service. The most interesting objects of the city are within walking distance for tourists.

The most famous places in the resort

Arriving in Kemer, you will certainly find yourself on the Central Square. Famous objects there are dancing fountains, a monument to Mustafa Ataturk and a snow-white clock tower. Kemersky Arbat is Liman Jadesi, which is considered a paradise for shoppers. Among the boutiques and shops, there are many souvenir shops where you can buy exclusive handmade items.

Where to go with children in Kemer in hot weather? Of course, to one of the city parks.

  • A wonderful place is Kugulu Park, which is also called Swan Park. The entrance to its territory is free. There is a small zoo and beautiful illuminated fountains.
  • Olbia Park is considered a good entertainment center. It is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, and therefore attracts fans of outdoor activities. Inside there are children's and sports grounds, fitness equipment, restaurants, cafes and a fountain. Olbia Park is a great time for the whole family.
  • Another interesting object of Kemer is the Moonlight Park, full of citrus trees. On the banks of this park, there is a clean beach and a water park. On the territory there are also playgrounds for children, a cafe, a mini golf course and a dolphinarium.

To see the resort from above, visit the observation deck. You will have a view of Kemer and the villages of Camyuva and Kirish. You can get to the site along a mountain road on foot or by car.

What else to see in Kemer

With children, it is recommended to visit the Dinopark, which is considered the largest in Europe. The exhibits are located on a huge area of ​​about 30 thousand square meters. In total, there are 25 specimens of reptiles in the park. Children are offered attractions, entertainment programs and competitions. Dinopark has souvenir shops and cafes.

With a school-age child, you can visit the ancient city of Olympos, which is considered a national park. Children and parents will be interested in a yacht trip with an inspection of the sunken city. It can be seen through the glass bottom.

To make your vacation rich and varied, take advantage of sightseeing trips. From Kemer, you can get to Pamukkale by purchasing a fascinating one-day tour. There you can swim in the famous Cleopatra pool. The thermal springs of Pamukkale have existed for 20 thousand years. The water temperature in them is kept at about +35 degrees. From Kemer you can go to Troy, Dalyan, Antalya and other famous cities.


  • Where to go with children in Kemer?
  • Where to go with children in Kemer?