Kemer beaches: photo. The best sandy beaches of Kemer (Turkey)

Kemer beaches

Kemer beaches

Turkey's beaches are picturesque and have a very high level of service, but the beaches of Kemer are considered one of the most popular and beautiful places to relax..

Kemer is not a very large city, located 42 km from Antalya. Local beaches are mostly dotted with large and small pebbles, but vacationers do not complain. The pebbles heats up slowly, massages the feet pleasantly and does not stain clothes. It is noteworthy that many of Kemer's beaches have received the Blue Flag award, which indicates their amazing adaptability to receiving tourists from all over the world. The water here is very clean, and it is impossible to find a single rubbish on the beach, so often the workers clean the area. Absolutely all visitors are satisfied with their vacation on the beaches of Kemer, because more and more tourists, when choosing a place for a summer vacation, are guided by the presence of the "Blue Flag", and almost all the beaches of Kemer can boast of this award.

The swimming season here opens in May and closes in the second half of October. Even in the midst of the summer heat, you can enjoy the sun on local beaches, because, due to the peculiarities of Kemer's microclimate, the heat is much easier to survive here..

Family beaches

The best sandy beaches of Kemer cannot be compared to the magnificent holiday areas owned by Simena Holiday Resort & Spa HV-1 and Amara Club Marine. The beach is strewn with small pebbles here, which does not in the least interfere with enjoying a wonderful vacation. These city beaches are named Camyuva and Kiris, and have established themselves precisely as beaches for a cozy holiday with the whole family. The entrance to the sea here is completely safe and very convenient, so even toddlers who are not yet very good at swimming will be able to go down into the water on their own. Sports vacationers can play beach volleyball or try their hand at professional diving under the supervision of an experienced instructor.

Also, local beaches offer the following services:

  1. Boat and water bike rental.
  2. Excursions and walks by boat or yacht.
  3. Sports equipment rental.
  4. Providing beach equipment for all holidaymakers.
  5. Playgrounds.

Sandy beaches in Kemer

In the very center of the city you can find a large sandy beach. Its disadvantage is that, due to its location, it is very often overcrowded with vacationers. This beach is called "Moonlight", and it is located not far from the park of the same name. Children will be interested in visiting the local dolphinarium or water park, while adults at this time will be able to ride a yacht or test their abilities to master extreme water sports: windsurfing or water skiing.

Photos of Kemer beaches

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  • Kemer beaches
  • Kemer beaches
  • Kemer beaches