Suburbs of Kemer - photo, what to see

Suburbs of Kemer

Suburbs of Kemer

The resort Kemer has long been chosen by Russian travelers. A beach holiday on the local riviera is popular with fans of the sea and the sun, and comfortable Kemeri hotels offer cozy rooms and all kinds of entertainment in well-groomed green areas. The resort area also includes the suburbs of Kemer, where you can admire the ancient sights left over from ancient times.

Worthy of attention

The most popular suburbs of Kemer:

  • Ancient Beldibi, which appeared on maps no later than the first century BC. The former village of shepherds turned into a beach resort with modern hotels at the end of the last century. The beaches of this suburb of Kemer are mostly pebbly. They stretch along the Aegean Sea for seven kilometers, and high mountains close them from hot winds from the mainland, creating a comfortable microclimate for recreation even in the midst of a hot Turkish summer.
  • Orange and pomegranate groves are the hallmark of the town of Goynuk. This suburb of Kemer is famous for the canyon in the Taurus Mountains, where you can book an excursion at local travel agencies. Fancy rocks and a turbulent river create a unique relief, and therefore Goynuk is very popular with fans of landscape photography..
  • Pines, palms and oleanders surround the village of Camyuva in the vicinity of Kemer. The mild climate, the unique mountainous landscape of the coast and the long swimming season make this resort popular with tourists of all ages..
  • Fans of hiking and excursions come to Tekirova. This suburb of Kemer is located in the Olympos National Park. Its main attraction is Mount Tahtali, to the top of which a cable car leads from the park. No less attractive for walks - Botanical Garden and Reptile Park.

Breath of antiquity

Many ancient buildings have survived in the vicinity of Kemer, and therefore lovers of ancient history will be able to diversify their beach holidays by visiting ancient sights..
Phaselis was founded by Rhodes colonists in the 7th century BC. and its ruins can tell a lot about the life of people during the rule of Byzantium and Ancient Rome. The ancient theater of Phaselis could accommodate three thousand spectators, and the aqueduct above the parking lot still amazes the imagination with the perfection of forms and grandiose performance..

Eternal flame

The main attraction of Olympos is the eternal flame on the slope of Mount Chimera. Natural gas escaping from the ground ignites in the air and forms a whole chain of picturesque torches. Legend has it that it was here that the Greek ancient hero Bellerophon defeated the fire-breathing mythological monster Chimera.


  • Suburbs of Kemer
  • Suburbs of Kemer