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Independent travel to Kemer

Independent travel to Kemer

Turkish resort Kemer opens its season in mid-May. Until October, the latest musical hits are heard on its golden beaches, and in the evenings sun-weary vacationers are drawn to cozy restaurants, where they can spend their next vacation day with dignity and taste..

When to go to Kemer?

The hottest months in Kemer are July and August. During these weeks, the thermometer confidently freezes at around +35. By a strange coincidence, at the same time, Kemer has the most vacationers, and therefore a vacation planned for the end of spring or early autumn will give every chance to get more positive emotions from the sea and the sun.

How to get to Kemer?

Antalya airport is located just forty kilometers from the resort, where planes from both Russian capitals and many more cities of the country land daily. You can also get to Kemer from Istanbul. From the airport, take a bus to Antalya itself, where at the station you can buy a ticket for a flight to Kemer.

Housing issue

As in any beach resort in Turkey, Kemer hotels operate mainly on an all-inclusive basis, regardless of the number of stars on the facade. Advance booking of a hotel will help to significantly save on the cost of living. Rooms in Kemer hotels are getting cheaper at the end of the "high" season.

Argue about tastes

In order not to become a hostage of the hotel monotony, you need to dine and dine in the city in Kemer. The best examples of oriental cuisine can be ordered at any level of establishment. Turkish chefs demonstrate their skills in grilled meats and seafood in every possible variation. They have no equal in the world in terms of oriental sweets and, of course, in making coffee, which they love to drink and brew here. Slow contemplation of everyday life at a table with a cup of aromatic drink is the best way to escape from problems and troubles.

Informative and fun

In Kemer, there are dozens of ways to have a full rest. Swimming and diving in underwater caves, paragliding and water scooter racing, beach volleyball and tennis - fans of outdoor activities consider Kemer one of the most dynamic resorts in the country. For those who prefer to combine business with pleasure, the Turkish health resort offers excursions to Mount Yarantash in the Olympos National Park and a visit to the ethnographic village of Turkish nomads. Fans of the animal world will be delighted with visiting the dolphinarium, and flora lovers will not be able to remain indifferent to the beauty of the Tekirova Ecopark.

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