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Cruises in Turkey

Cruises in Turkey

Familiar Turkey has faithfully served Russian tourists as a beach resort for more than a decade. It would seem that all the beaches have been explored, the sights have been examined, and the national dishes have been tasted and the country no longer arouses its former interest. But for those travelers who prefer unconventional solutions, there is such a type of vacation as cruises in Turkey. It is from the board of the ship that you can look at familiar things in a new way, and everyday vacation entertainment in this format takes on fresh bright colors..

Star necklace

The absolute majority of Turkish port cities can be called real stars in the tourist horizon. Noisy and diverse, bright and original, welcoming guests with aromas of spices and strong coffee, the cities of Turkey offer to walk through their narrow medieval streets and immerse themselves in an atmosphere of adventure and mystery:

  • Bodrum is the ancient capital of Caria, formerly called Halicarnassus. This city is famous for being in it in the 4th century BC. the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus was built, which was considered one of the seven wonders of the world.
  • Fethiye, where in ancient times the center of worship of the god Apollo was located. Lycian tombs carved into the rocks on the outskirts of the city resemble the masterpieces of Jordanian Petra.
  • Antalya is the resort capital of the country, where every liner enters the port during a cruise in Turkey. The beaches of Antalya are a Mecca for everyone to get a great tan, and the coastal restaurants hospitably open their doors to fans of Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine.
  • Alania, which in ancient times bore the name Karakession and served as a haven for pirates - gentlemen of fortune, plowing the waters of the Mediterranean in search of easy prey. For some time, Alania belonged to Queen Cleopatra, and then to the Seljuk sultan, who built a fortress in the city in the 13th century. Today, its Red Tower reminds of the military past and past greatness..
  • And finally, the most amazing port on the way of a liner on a cruise in Turkey is Istanbul. Colorful and elegant, oriental and European, noisy and sophisticated, rich and simple - this city is becoming a favorite of thousands of travelers..

At a sprint pace

While on vacation in Turkey, you can go on a boat trip for just a few hours. Sea cruises in Turkey are delightful fishing from a yacht, sightseeing excursions on boats on the Bosphorus in Istanbul, and stops in fishing villages for lunch or dinner..

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