Ski resorts in Turkey: photos, reviews. Alpine skiing in Turkey

Ski resorts in Turkey

Ski resorts in Turkey

Located between Europe and Asia and washed by the Black and Mediterranean Seas, most travelers associate Turkey with an inexpensive but comfortable hot beach vacation. And few people take this country seriously when it comes to its ski resorts. But one way or another, the ski tourism destination is gaining momentum in the country, and today its resorts can offer their guests quite decent skiing opportunities..

Of course, advanced skiers and snowboarders on the Turkish slopes will be a little bored - the slopes here are more suitable for beginners or intermediate athletes. But for family holidays and skiing with children, the mountain slopes of this country are perfect. If you add here the large number of schools in which many Russian-speaking trainers work, Turkey turns into an excellent base for training and training new snowboard personnel..

An important plus in the treasury of Turkish skiing merits can be attributed to the hotels in the resorts. Unlike pompous and prim Europe, almost all local hotels operate according to the all-inclusive system, so respected by Russian tourists, which a good half of travelers cannot refuse. In addition to traditional food and drinks at the buffet, many hotels also offer a ski pass, which is included in the price of your stay. A nice additional bonus makes the vacation even more democratic in terms of costs.

Uludag resort

The Uludag resort is considered the most prestigious and fashionable in the country, but even here prices, compared to European ones, pleasantly surprise guests. The season starts on the 20th of December and lasts until the end of March. All tracks are at the level of 1700-2500 meters, and the thickness of the snow pleases with a depth of three meters. Many Uludag hotels have their own lifts that take athletes to the beginning of well-groomed and well-equipped tracks..
Their total length is about 20 km, and complex ones are in the minority. The local school instructors will be happy to help beginners practice their snowboarding technique. The cost of an hour of lesson will be no more than $ 10. Inexpensive looks against the background of European resorts and equipment rental: every hour of rent will also cost $ 10.

Uludag is also famous for its mineral springs. Here, in all hotels, thermal mineral water flows directly from the tap. Not far from the resort is the ancient city of Bursa, where, in addition to visiting cultural and historical sights, you can buy a ticket to a real Turkish bath. It is in an ordinary city hammam that you can get a real massage, after which the spine ceases to bother, and the muscles acquire tone.

Palandoken resort

One of the youngest and most rapidly developing Turkish resorts, Palandoken has in its arsenal many mid-level trails and very easy descents. Like others in the country, it is great for a leisurely family vacation with skiing or for beginners to gain experience. The season begins in the second decade of December and ends only in April, and the ski area is located above 2200 meters.

2011 was marked by snowboarding competitions in Palandaken. Since then, beginner and intermediate-level boarders have come here to play their favorite sport. The total length of ski slopes is at least 40 km, including four slopes for off-piste skiing. All trails start at the top of the mountain and go along different slopes.

Hotels in Palandaken are equipped with their own lifts, the use of which is included in the accommodation and does not require additional payment from guests. Instructors at snowboarding and alpine skiing schools often speak Russian. The city of Erzurum, located nearby, is a great option to give your rest an educational and excursion shade.

Sarakamysh resort

The Sarakamish resort is located in the eastern part of Turkey around the Camurlu mountain. It is only 140 km away from Erzurum Airport. The main feature of the nature of Sarakamysh is the dense coniferous forests in the area. Pine trees make the local air exceptionally healthy and clean..

Like many resorts in the country, Sarakamish is not of interest to advanced skiers and boarders. Its slopes are more suitable for those who have never stepped on a board yet or are just trying their hand at riding with the breeze. Resort Russian-speaking instructors are ready to give qualified advice to such boarders for groups or individuals.
flax lessons. All the necessary levels of safety for skiers, adopted at the resort, allow both children and elderly tourists to play sports here..

The best time for skiing is from the end of December to the 20th of March, although individual annual weather patterns can make their undesirable adjustments. The resort has the longest ski slope in the country, and there is a half-pipe for boardwalkers, so there is a place to hone your initial skills.

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  • Ski resorts in Turkey
  • Ski resorts in Turkey
  • Ski resorts in Turkey
  • Ski resorts in Turkey
  • Ski resorts in Turkey