Children's camps in Kiev for the summer. Children's camps in Kiev 2015

Children's camps in Kiev

Children's camps in Kiev

The longest school holidays can be fun and rewarding. This is possible if your child will have a rest at a children's camp. A health camp is an organized recreation in a specially equipped place or outside the city limits. Each institution has its own specifics and focus. The camp operates according to a program drawn up by specialists. The purpose of such activities is the development, health improvement and education of children..

What are the features of a children's holiday in Kiev

Children's camps in Kiev meet the most stringent requirements. They are designed to improve the physical and mental condition of schoolchildren. Kiev sanatoriums and camps are located in ecologically safe areas. The most beautiful landscapes and clean air are factors that speak in favor of such institutions. Many people believe that Kiev is unmatched among other cities in the world. It was he who was the first capital of Russia. Today Kiev is one of the greenest cities in the world. There are many parks on its territory that amaze with beautiful fountains and sculptures. The city is ruled by a continental temperate climate. In the summer months, the temperature reaches +25 degrees. In winter, it drops to -5 degrees. It has snowy winters, and in summer it often rains with thunderstorms. Kiev is very beautiful in May, as lilacs and chestnuts bloom on its streets, which make them even more attractive.

What is worth seeing in Kiev

The sights of the city are especially interesting for high school students. Arriving at the camp, they gladly take part in walks and excursions around Kiev. On its streets there is a huge number of original architectural buildings: Vladimirsky and Sophia cathedrals, Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, Nikolaevsky church, etc. There are many temples, churches and cathedrals in the city. Noteworthy are such objects as the Opera House, Golden Gate, Mariinsky Palace, Pechersk Fortress, Richard's Castle, House with Chimeras, Chocolate House, etc..

Organization of recreation in Kiev camps

Children's camps in Kiev have a well-thought-out infrastructure. They are properly organized and correspond to the main aspects of pedagogy. Children are divided into groups based on their age. This is necessary to minimize possible conflicts. Children of the same age communicate better with each other. The camp teachers contribute to the education and development of schoolchildren. There are health, sports, language, specialized and tent camps in Kiev. They implement a variety of programs: developing, cognitive, ecological, forming certain qualities, etc..

Photos of children's camps in Kiev

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