Observation decks in Lviv. List of the best observation decks in Lviv

Lviv observation decks

Lviv observation decks

Are you curious to climb Lviv observation decks? Having realized the cherished ascent, you will be able to admire the palace of the Counts Pototskikh, the Cathedral of St. George, the Bernardine Monastery, the Church of Saints Paul and Peter.

Lviv City Hall

This 4-storey building (style - Viennese classicism) is complemented by a tower and an observation deck - to get there, you need to overcome about 400 steps, and as a "reward" travelers will have panoramic views of the central part of Lviv. In addition, this site is the perfect place to take romantic photos against the backdrop of urban beauty; and here you will also be able to see the clockwork from the inside (it is more than 160 years old) and visit the photo exhibition "We Lviv - Portrait of Lviv" (portraits of Lviv residents are placed on the battlements of the tower).

You can visit the Town Hall for free, but for staying on the tower with its observation deck, guests will be asked to pay a symbolic 10 hryvnia.

How to get there? by bus No. 30, 24, 48, 3A, 4A, 53, 5A (stop "Prospekt Svobody"), then on foot; by bus number 29, 37, 1A, 26, 39, 50, 46, 3A (stop "Ulitsa Podvalnaya"), then on foot. Address: Market Square, 1.

High castle

The high castle (more than 400 m above sea level) has two terraces: on the lower one, guests will see monuments of prominent personalities and stroll along the park alleys, and on the upper one they will find an observation deck (built on a mound), from where they will be able to admire the picturesque landscapes of Lviv, and in good weather, even see the Carpathians. It is also worth visiting the restaurant here, from the windows of which you can see the city beauties..

Despite the fact that the best viewing platform is available for visiting at any time of the day, it is recommended to come here early in the morning, when there are still no tourists - meeting the dawn can become your vivid memory of your vacation in Lviv.

Address: Zamkovaya street (if you walk from the center, the way will take about 30 minutes).

Church of Saints Olga and Elizabeth

The temple, 85 m high, invites visitors to relax in silence or attend a solemn service, as well as climb the stairs to the observation deck (entrance ticket costs 10 hryvnia).

How to get there? From the center you can take tram number 10, 6 or 9 (address: Kropyvnytsky Square, 1).

Cafe "House of Legends"

Visitors at the entrance are met by a chimney sweep (he tells about legends and entertaining stories), after which he will offer them to go to one of the halls of the institution (for example, in the room of lions, they will see a map of the location of stone lions in the city). Well, the guests will be able to climb to the observation deck completely free of charge..

Address: Staroevreyskaya street, 48.

Ferris wheel

This attraction, from the booth of which the panorama of Lviv is visible, is located in the park named after Bohdan Khmelnitsky. Address: Bulgarian street, 4.


  • Lviv observation decks
  • Lviv observation decks
  • Lviv observation decks