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Tours to Lviv

Tours to Lviv

Lviv is the westernmost Ukraine and one of the largest cities in the country. Its historical center rightfully occupies a worthy place in the UNESCO World Heritage List, because the city contains the largest number of architectural masterpieces in Ukraine. The ratings of tourist attractiveness did their job and tours to Lviv became popular among Russian fans of interesting trips..

History with geography

The city was founded in the middle of the 13th century by the Galician prince Daniil Romanovich and became the capital of both the principality and the entire Ukrainian state. Lviv got its name in honor of the prince's son Leo, and today residents love it call it little Paris, Ukrainian Piedmont, a city-museum and even the pearl of the European crown.
Lviv is located just 70 kilometers from the Polish-Ukrainian border, and 600 kilometers separate it from Kiev, easily overcome by car or rail..
Participants of tours to Lviv, in addition to architectural attractions, are waiting for more than twenty parks and botanical gardens, many of which are natural monuments and preserve the ecosystem as close as possible to natural conditions.

When to go?

The climate of Lviv is rather humid and warm. Winters are mild here, snow falls often, but does not lie for long, and the air temperature in January hovers around -7 degrees. The sunniest days are in August and September, when precipitation is minimal. Summer temperatures are about +24, in June-July thunderstorms and short-term showers are frequent. The most favorable time for tours to Lviv comes in early autumn, when the air warms up to +20, precipitation is rare and most of the day is sunny..

Briefly about the important

  • Lviv has an international airport located 6 km from the center. Direct flights from Moscow last just over two hours, while connecting flights are possible via Kiev and other European cities.
  • Getting around the city as part of a tour to Lviv is most convenient by tram or buses. Lviv tram itself is a city landmark. It was launched in 1880 and was initially equestrian. After 14 years, horses were replaced by electricity, and the reorganization of the horse tram was carried out earlier than in many European capital cities..
  • One of the important cultural centers of Ukraine, Lviv can offer an inquisitive guest six dozen museums and ten theaters, each of which is a significant secular institution..


  • Tours to Lviv
  • Tours to Lviv