Water parks in Lviv - photos, prices, description

Water parks in Lviv

Water parks in Lviv

Going on vacation to Lviv, would you like to combine sports, entertainment and recreation? Welcome to the local water park!

Aquapark in Lviv

Aquapark "Beach" has:

  • 5 swimming pools, including a counterflow pool;
  • 9 extreme slides of different heights and difficulty levels;
  • children's area with water attractions;
  • relaxation area with saunas and baths (Russian, Roman, Finnish, infrared, aroma bath);
  • a tanning studio and a summer sun terrace;
  • a manicure and massage parlor;
  • shop "Aquasport";
  • the restaurant sector (there are bistros, restaurants with European cuisine and fitness menus, fresh and fitness bars);
  • fitness center (athletic, dance and other halls).

If you wish, you can do water aerobics or water polo in the water park.

The cost of visiting the water park: adults - 210 UAH / day, 90 UAH / 1 hour, children up to 150 cm - 170 UAH / day, 70 UAH / 1 hour. The cost of visiting the water park + relaxation zone: adults - 280 UAH / day, 150 UAH / 1 hour.

Water activities in Lviv

Staying at a hotel with a swimming pool ("Taurus Hotel & SPA", "Kavalier Boutique Hotel", "Deluxe Hotel Kupava" and others), you can pamper yourself daily with water treatments.

You can also swim in the pools by visiting the pool in the Dynamo Sports Complex (has 5 swimming pools, including a children's and an open one) or the Dolphin water recreation center (here you can swim, join aqua aerobics classes, take swimming lessons, spend time in a Finnish sauna with a jacuzzi, a Roman steam room with a contrast pool, a relaxation, tanning and beauty salon "Calypso", a vitamin bar; one-time visit to the pool - 25-40 UAH / adults, 18-20 UAH / children up to 14 years old; massage - from 25 UAH / 1 session, ordering a Roman bath - 90 UAH / hour + 20 UAH for each visitor, 2-hour stay in a Finnish sauna for a company of up to 4 people - 240 UAH).

If you are interested in beach and related entertainment, you should go to one of the recreation centers - "Viking Bay" (entrance to the base - 10 UAH, swimming, use of a shower, a mini-slide and stay in a children's town - 40 UAH "tennis court, volleyball and basketball courts - 150 UAH, accommodation in a tent - 100 UAH / day) or" Lviv Switzerland "(entrance, swimming in the lake - 30 UAH, fishing - 50 UAH, children's trampoline - 10 UAH / 5 minutes, entrance to the rope park (level for children) - 50 UAH, tennis - 50 UAH / 30 minutes, room rate - 350-450 UAH / day): there you can not only relax by the pond or lake, but also swim, play active games, fishing (20-50 UAH), ride a boat or catamaran (30 minutes - 50 UAH), use the barbecue, firewood, necessary items for cooking barbecue (20-75 UAH).


  • Water parks in Lviv
  • Water parks in Lviv
  • Water parks in Lviv