National parks of Ukraine: list, photo, description

National parks of Ukraine

National parks of Ukraine

Almost forty national parks of Ukraine adorn the map of the republic and are the pride of its inhabitants and the purpose of travel for travelers in love with outdoor activities. All specially protected natural zones of the country are located fairly evenly across its territory, but their highest density is observed in the west of Ukraine.

Some statistics

  • The oldest park on the territory of Ukraine is Carpathian in Ivanovo-Frankivsk region. It has existed since 1980.
  • The largest area is 261 thousand sq. km - is occupied by the Podilsky Tovtry park in the Khmelnytsky region, and the smallest one is Dermansko-Ostrozhsky in Rivne.
  • In Kiev, you can take a walk in the capital's national park of Ukraine. It is called Goloseevsky and on its territory there are deciduous forests and the above-floodplain terrace of the Dnieper.

From the pages of the Red Book

One of the most visited national parks in Ukraine is located in the Ivano-Frankivsk region. Its main value is dozens of plant and animal species included in the Red Book of the republic. More than 1,100 species of the Carpathian flora grow on the lands of the park, among which almost 80 are especially rare.
In winter and summer, the territory of the Carpathian Park attracts active tourists. Hiking trails and ski trails are laid here, and the Pop Ivan mountain with the ruins of a geophysical observatory at the top becomes the object of close attention of history lovers.
The city closest to the park is Yaremche, located on the highway between Ivanovo-Frankovsk and Uzhgorod. You can also get here from Lviv by rail.

On Lake Solenom

In the Odessa region, on the Black Sea coast, there is a territory with a special protection regime. The subject of concern of the workers of the National Park of Ukraine Tuzlov estuaries are wetlands where rare birds listed in the Red Book of the republic are found: the curlew, the steppe tirkushka and the oystercatcher. The system of lakes and estuaries is unique in its kind and only on the territory of the park there are plants protected by the Green Book of Ukraine.
It is easy to get from Odessa to the city of Tatarbunary, where the park's administration is located, by buses, and by taxi, and by a rented car - they are separated by only 140 km..

In the Hutsul region

One of the most beautiful places for tourists from different countries is the national park of Ukraine Hutsulshchyna. Many resort areas, sanatoriums and ski slopes are closely adjacent to the corners of the unspoiled nature of the unique mountain range of Eastern Europe.
Six dozen species of local vegetation are listed in the Red Book of the Republic, and the trees prevailing in the protected area - beech, hornbeam and oak - create magnificent landscapes of the virgin Carpathian forest..
The pearl of the reserve is the village of Sheshory, 90 km from Ivanovo-Frankivsk. In the Hutsul village, folk traditions and crafts have been preserved and the oldest temple - Gorishnya.

Photos of national parks of Ukraine

  • National parks of Ukraine
  • National parks of Ukraine
  • National parks of Ukraine