Streets of Hanoi - photo, name. List of famous streets in Hanoi

Streets of Hanoi

Streets of Hanoi

Modern Hanoi is a very attractive destination for tourists of all ages. This city has absorbed local, Chinese and classical European traditions. And this is most clearly embodied in the unique architecture, in which you can learn the influence of each of the currents. Stepping on the streets of Hanoi and moving away from the usual routes, anyone can travel 1000 years ago and get to know the true soul of this hospitable land..

The local population has a wonderful attitude towards guests, so you can safely explore this city, observing the usual precautions.

Silk street

This shopping street, perhaps, deserves to take first place in the list of the most beautiful sights of the city. Like a motley multi-colored ribbon, it stretches among the time-eaten buildings of the Old City. Here they sell the best silks in all of Vietnam, and the very appearance of this street is simply mesmerizing. So, even a simple walk along Silkova Street can bring great pleasure, not to mention the opportunities to take interesting photos here..

Kwan Thanh Street

Another magical place for all fashionistas and fashionistas. It differs from Silk Street Kwan Thanh in that there are small private shops, so bargaining is very appropriate. However, there are also plenty of branded boutiques and designer fashion houses here, so there are new items for every taste and color..

Fochang Tien Street

The famous painting district of Hanoi. Every local artist, if he is worth anything, of course, always comes to Fochang Tien. An endless string of stands with paintings of a wide variety of styles and genres opens to the eyes of a tourist. All canvases are licensed, and therefore you can take them home without any problems..

Hang Bak street

Hang Bak Street is probably the most unusual place in all of Hanoi. Coming here, a tourist will see many old men and women carving gravestones from stones. Long lines of tombstones and photographs of the dead - a more eerie and mesmerizing sight to be found in no other corner of Hanoi. So, any trip to Hanoi without visiting this corner will be incomplete..

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