Tours to Da Nang (Vietnam). Holidays in Da Nang: photos, tours

Tours to Da Nang

Tours to Da Nang

On the coast of the bluest South China Sea lies the Vietnamese beach resort of Da Nang. The tropical mild climate, white beaches with the finest clean sand, its own international airport and well-developed tourist infrastructure make the city a favorite vacation destination for thousands of travelers every year. And tours to Da Nang are an opportunity to go surfing, because it is here in the fall that you can catch the right wave and recharge with adrenaline and positive emotions for many months.

History with geography

Modern Da Nang is the fourth largest and most important city in the country, which bore the name Turan during the French colonization of Vietnam. Even then, it was distinguished by a developed infrastructure, had the status of a resort and was a favorite vacation spot for Europeans of French origin..
The modern metropolis is visited by tens of thousands of tourists every year, and some of them arrive by sea, because tours to Da Nang are popular with cruise fans. The local port is considered the largest in the central part of the country..

Briefly about the important

  • Direct flights from the capital of Russia arrive at the airports of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, from which to Da Nang - 960 and 760 kilometers, respectively. Then you can use the local airlines or the railway. Da Nang local airport and train station are located within the city.
  • The climate of these places provides tour participants in Da Nang with pleasant weather for relaxation during all seasons. The water is slightly cooler in winter, but at the height of summer it warms up to +28. The hottest weather is observed in July-August, when the thermometer confidently aspires to +30, and from December to February it is quite cool - up to +23.
  • Autumn season is the time when surfers book tours to Da Nang. It is during this period that strong winds guarantee a high wave and the resort even hosts surfing competitions of an international level..

Indochinese record holder

For those who go on tours to Da Nang, there is a unique opportunity to ride the longest cable car in the world. It is located thirty kilometers from the resort and connects two mountain peaks. More than two dozen pillars support the cable car, and from almost a hundred cabins you can admire the surrounding landscapes and capture your adventures on camera. Panoramic shots are great.


  • Tours to Da Nang
  • Tours to Da Nang