Holidays in Vietnam in February: prices and weather. Where to relax in Vietnam in February

Holidays in Vietnam in February

Holidays in Vietnam in February

If, according to the work schedule or due to other circumstances, the vacation fell in February - do not despair. We can say that you are even lucky, because having chosen the enchanting Vietnam as a holiday destination at this time of the year, you can spend an unforgettable winter weekend..

Why Vietnam?

Firstly, it is the availability of recreation for different segments of the population. A ticket to this fabulous place costs only about $ 1,500, and the local services, entertainment and hiking in cultural and historical places are worth the price. At the same time, Vietnam has a developed infrastructure and it will not be difficult to get there. Airplanes fly from Russia to the country three times a day.
Secondly, Vietnam is a well-groomed and hospitable resort. The staff always works at a level, the locals are welcoming and benevolent, and the entertainment complex is unusually wide and will help «come off in full» and forget about the gray days of even the most demanding tourists.
Thirdly, it is the weather. In February, she does not bring unpleasant surprises and is often calm. The climate is dry. A light breeze is blowing, and the temperature does not drop below +20 degrees, even at night. The sea is very warm and reaches +25 degrees.
During the winter months, the best vacation spots in Vietnam are its southern part, namely Phu Quoc and Mui Ne. If you want to sunbathe on gorgeous sandy beaches, enjoy the enchanting underwater scenery through diving, or learn to surf - go to Phu Quoc. If you need to have at hand not just the sea, but also a bunch of entertainment, cafes, bars and restaurants - relax in Mui Ne.
Don't forget to visit Hanoi as well. It will pleasantly surprise you with its outlandish architecture and blooming gardens. Well, isn't it interesting to see firsthand the Khia Huong Buddhist temple or to visit inside the oldest Hanoi Christian church - St. Joseph's Cathedral?

Vietnam and family vacations

Among other things, Vietnam is an ideal place to relax with your family. If you are a person with high employment and have long dreamed of spending time with children - feel free to order a ticket here.
There are a lot of interesting things here especially for them. For example, in the town of Nya Chang, there is a wonderful amusement park where you can play water games all day long. After enjoying active rest in the water park, you can show your child the water palace-aquarium, which is home to more than three hundred species of underwater inhabitants from all over the world. It is also worth visiting Ho Chi Minh City, where an extraordinary zoo has been created, which will leave a lasting impression on your child. Moreover, the locals are very kind and caring for little travelers, treat them with local sweets and play with them..
But the holiday in Vietnam in February does not end there. A pleasant surprise for visitors at this time of the year will be the celebration in most cities of the New Year according to the local calendar. In honor of this grandiose holiday, festivities and carnivals are organized. And immediately after the end of the festivities, Kwan begins - the local festival of the marble mountains, during which folk opera performances are shown and songs from local folklore are heard everywhere. So there will be no time to get bored and the vacation in February in Vietnam will be great!

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