Features of Brazil - communication, cuisine, traditions

Features of Brazil

Features of Brazil

Brazil is one of the most interesting and attractive countries in South America. What national characteristics of Brazil are important to take into account?

Features of living in the country

75.4% of the population of the state live in cities of various populations. 90.6% of people live in the northeast, southeast, south, less than 10% - in the north, center and west. These include non-assimilated Indians who still live in the Amazonian jungle. Indians strive to preserve the peculiarities of their way of life for many centuries. Men should go hunting with bows, arrows, women - work the soil with ordinary sticks with a pointed end. The Indians are still engaged in hunting, fishing, forestry gathering, primitive agriculture, thanks to which they live.

Features of the character of Brazilians

Foreigners should remember the special mentality of local residents if they wish to establish close, intimate contact. Brazilians are distinguished by their sentimentality, delicacy and warmth. However, if you do not show proper attention to the person and do not observe tact, you can put an end to friendship. The desire for special respect is due to the peculiarities of local history. In 1888, a bill was passed to abolish slavery, but the memory of the sad events still lives on in people.

Warm climate, relatively simple way of life have a significant impact on the character of local residents. Brazilians live more carelessly than Russians. Unfortunately, some citizens absolutely do not want to work and seek to deceive tourists..

Exciting activities in Brazil

The country is famous for its amazing carnival, which takes place annually at the end of February. What are its features?

  • The carnival is held for five days. At this time, the number of tourists reaches 600 - 700 thousand. It is important to be prepared for high hotel prices during this period..
  • Carnival begins in the small town of Olinda, which is located far from Rio de Janeiro. First, there is a parade of the "virgin" dance school, which features 250 men dressed in women's outfits. The performance lasts 10 hours without stopping.
  • A parade of samba schools is held in Rio de Janeiro. In addition, in Olinda you can see a parade of wax dummies of large sizes, in Manaus, Recife - ritual Indian dances. Costume contests, beauty contests are held throughout the country.


  • Features of Brazil
  • Features of Brazil
  • Features of Brazil