Independent travel to Brazil

Independently to Brazil

Independently to Brazil

As the great strategist rightly believed, the people of Rio prefer white pants. It is very easy to verify this. It is enough to buy air tickets and go on your own to Brazil, a country where, in addition to wild monkeys, there are also waterfalls, beaches, the ocean, carnival and, of course, football!

Entry formalities

If you plan to spend no more than 90 days on your own in Brazil, you will not have to worry about a visa. A Russian citizen needs only a valid passport. It is better and cheaper to fly with a flight of European airlines with a connection in Paris, Madrid or Amsterdam. Numerous ticket sales and airline promotions allow you to purchase tickets long in advance, but at quite affordable prices.

Reals and spending

The Brazilian real is the national currency, the easiest and most profitable way to exchange euros or dollars for is at bank branches. At the airport, the rate is the most unprofitable, and therefore it is worth converting there only a small amount, allowing you to get to the city. Exchangers in hotels also do not please with a good rate..
The prices for food in cafes and restaurants in the country strongly depend on how close the institution is to the tourist area. At the same time, it is also not recommended to go deep into the confused quarters of the streets of Rio or Sao Paulo for safety reasons..

  • A buffet lunch in a cafe can cost from 20 to 40 reais, and the dishes will include meat.
  • Dinner in an expensive restaurant with wine and seafood for two will cost 80-100 reais, and a plate of seafood with rice in the same place for one will cost 20 reais.
  • The price for a liter bottle of drinking water ranges from 1 to 2 reais, but it is more profitable to buy five liter cans if you plan to stay at the hotel for several days.
  • It is possible to rent a hotel room in Rio with its own bathroom and within the central part of the city for R $ 250-400. But during the carnival, prices skyrocket and the same room will cost at least twice as much..

Valuable observations

Do not neglect basic safety rules while on your own in Brazil. They concern not only visits to distant districts of Rio and other cities, but also behavior on the beaches. Try not to swim far from the shore and focus on staying in the part of the beach where lifeguards are working. Local waves and strong currents can play a trick on a not-too-skilled swimmer.


  • Independently to Brazil
  • Independently to Brazil