Croatia airports - list of international airports in Croatia

Airports of Croatia

Airports of Croatia

Of the nine international airports in Croatia, five are especially popular with Russian travelers, since they are connected with direct flights to Moscow. When booking a ticket, it is important to consider the distance from the desired city or resort to the nearest airport. Croatia is a small country, and therefore the transfer from the passenger terminal to the hotel, with the right approach to travel planning, can take very little time.

Croatia International Airports

The list of airports to which direct flights from Russian cities fly looks like this:

  • Aeroflot ships from Sheremetyevo to the capital of the country Zagreb.
  • Flights of the same airline are on the schedule of the airport in the city of Split, and besides them S7 planes land here.
  • Dubrovnik accepts S7 flights in addition to summer charters.
  • You can get to the airports of Zadar and Pula on the board of Ural Airlines, Russia, Yamal, Polet and Saravia.

Almost all Europeans are on the impressive list of airlines serving international airports in Croatia - from Finns and Czechs to Germans and Austrians..
If the resorts Dubrovnik or Herceg Novi appear as the final destination, it is worth booking a flight to Dubrovnik airport, but for a holiday in Central Dalmatia it makes sense to buy tickets to Split.

Metropolitan direction

Croatia's airport in Zagreb is called Pleso and is located 10 km from the center of the capital. The best way to get from Pleso to the city or back is to use the Croatian Airlines transfer. Croatia Airlines buses run from Zagreb Central Bus Station every half hour from 4.30 am to 8 pm. The airport itself operates around the clock and, in addition to international flights, accepts aircraft from other airports in the country..
The official website, where passengers can clarify all the details -

Beach vacation

The airport in Dubrovnik accepts everyone who wants to relax in the resorts of South Dalmatia. Charters from Moscow fly here twice a week during the beach season, and the rest of the time you can get to Dubrovnik on flights of European carriers. Another route is a flight by Aeroflot to Zagreb and transfer to local airlines. Transfer to the airport is carried out by Croatia Airlines buses, the travel time is about half an hour.
Airport website -
The airport, 6 km from the city of Pula, accepts vacationers who have booked tours to the resorts of the Istrian peninsula. You can only get to the city from the terminal by taxi. The second way to get to the selected hotel is to order a transfer from there. Many hotels provide this service to their guests during the season..
Pula airport website address -
Among the Croatian cities with airports is Zadar, located in the central part of the Adriatic Riviera. The 8 km from the city center to the terminal can be traveled by bus, departing regularly throughout the day from the old bus station, or by taxi. These air gates are open from 6.00 to 22.00, as there are no night flights to Zadar.


  • Airports of Croatia
  • Airports of Croatia