Holidays in Croatia in April: prices and weather. Where to relax in Croatia in April

Holidays in Croatia in April

Holidays in Croatia in April

The Adriatic has long been a coveted dream of many tourists. Many, in order to save financial resources, choose Croatia, which is still only spinning up the tourism business..

And, although the second month of spring still cannot please with a complete set of beach and sea pastime, a vacation in Croatia in April can be combined with exciting trips to the most beautiful places and protected areas..

Weather conditions in April

This month clearly signals the coming hot season. The territories are transformed before our eyes, beautiful patterns of flowering plants of all unthinkable shades appear on the emerald grass carpet.

The warmest in Split and Dubrovnik, slightly cooler in Zagreb and Porec. It is generally cool in the foothill areas. The average temperature in Croatia in April is + 17 ° C. Unfortunately, the water temperature at the seaside is only + 12 ° C. It's too early to swim, the main activity is walking along the seashore. You can sunbathe almost every day, but do not use protective creams due to the high activity of the spring sun.

Rest on Plitvice Lakes

It is April that is the ideal place to visit them before the high tourist season begins. Plitvice Lakes are part of the Croatian National Park, which occupies the territory in the center of the country. Interestingly, there is a division into the Upper and Lower lakes, which are fed by the waters of five rivers.

Here you can see grandiose paintings created by nature itself, including picturesque waterfalls, lakes and caves. For a long time, the National Park was inaccessible to the public, but now it has paths for pedestrians and routes for ecological transport..

Plitvice Lakes are a unique living organism, new waterfalls appear here almost every year, the most beautiful is Sastavtsi, where the waters of the Plitvice and Korana rivers fall from a height of 72 meters.

Asparagus festival

Each of the regions of Croatia strives to get its own tourist, coming up with their own chips and fun activities. For example, the inhabitants of the town of Lovran invented the Asparagus Festival and are now reaping the benefits. Every year, an increasing number of vacationers strive to take part in this educational and entertaining holiday..

The main part of the festival is devoted to tasting of asparagus dishes, and you can see both the simplest and the most sophisticated delicacies. Dance, theatrical performances will help you have fun.

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  • Holidays in Croatia in April
  • Holidays in Croatia in April