Holidays in Croatia in July: prices and weather. Where to relax in Croatia in July

Holidays in Croatia in July

Holidays in Croatia in July

This small state, occupying a territory in the center of Europe, is slowly developing its tourism business, offering its guests stunning landscapes, clear clear sea, picturesque beaches and bays. Holidays in Croatia in July will bring the most vivid emotions to parents and children. Young people looking for nightlife and adventure are better off looking for other countries and resorts, older people can safely buy trips to this country.

Weather in July in Croatia

Midsummer in this country is marked by very warm and dry weather, there is no sweltering heat here, in principle, the sea breeze brings fresh cool air to the coast, allowing tourists to feel comfortable.

On average, during the day, the temperature rises to + 28 ... 30 ºC, on some days you can observe and +32 ºC, then it is better to limit sun exposure and go shopping or go sightseeing. The water in the Adriatic Sea guarantees a paradise dive, as its temperature is about +26 ºC.

Rest and treatment

A trip to Croatia in July will help not only improve the health of the body, but also get rid of some ailments. There are about 30 mineral springs in the country that are used in the treatment of chronic diseases. Šibenik will delight vacationers with various spa treatments based on thalassotherapy. Center «Naftalan» is unique in its kind, as procedures using medicinal oil are carried out here.

Amazing Zagreb

Many vacationers successfully combine beach holidays and acquaintance with a country with a rich history and many monuments, witnesses of those ancient events. One of the most attractive places in this regard is the ancient and modern capital of Croatia - Zagreb, formed by the confluence of two brother cities, Kaptola and Hradec. The most ancient monuments date back to the XII century, these are fortifications, the construction of which lasted for almost 600 years. It is impossible to calmly walk past the Town Hall - a symbol of the independence of the city and the most beautiful church of St. Catherine.

In Zagreb, as in many other ancient cities in Europe, you can see an amazing mixture of cultures and styles. Palaces built in baroque or classical style, interspersed with gothic temples.

The Mimara Museum is ready to present all the wealth of its funds in permanent exhibitions and temporary exhibitions. The botanical and zoological gardens will delight you with rare and amazingly beautiful plants, extraordinary representatives of the local fauna.

Croatia - sights and cities

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  • Holidays in Croatia in July
  • Holidays in Croatia in July