Holidays in Jordan in July: prices and weather. Where to relax in Jordan in July

Holidays in Jordan in July

More than one European beauty dreams of resting in a real kingdom. Meanwhile, it is very easy to make your dream come true, you just have to choose a vacation in Jordan in July. This direction of summer pastime is preferred by wealthy people, since a high level of service requires a certain level of prices..

The resorts of Jordan are wonderful beaches, the Dead Sea with its surprises and healing minerals, the endless desert expanses of Wadi Rum. A huge number of unique historical monuments is also an important factor in favor of choosing this country for recreation..


Midsummer according to the calendar and temperature records. The thermometer column confidently keeps its way to the number +34 ºC, the sky is completely cloudless. Arabian weather, dry and sunny, ready to showcase the best scenery.

Rest on the seaside will brighten up the heat and allow you to feel the breath of a light breeze. The water temperature of the Red Sea is also approaching an incredible mark of +28 ºC. This allows you to immerse yourself in warm waters and not leave them around the clock, changing only the type of recreation from swimming to diving.

July shopping

It is better to spend hot summer days of rest in Jordan walking through cool (thanks to air conditioning) boutiques and shopping centers, stocking up on souvenirs for family and friends.

Gifts in the national style are the best solution. One of the most beautiful souvenirs is bottles of colored sand. But even here you can run into a fake, real multi-colored sand is sold most often in Petra, in the vicinity of which interesting canyons were discovered.

In addition, you should pay attention to ceramics, copper dishes, ornaments made of black silver by the Bedouins. The Dead Sea is an important mineral supplier for cosmetics that help maintain healthy skin.

Travel to Jerash

One of the small Jordanian towns is not so far from the capital of Jordan. Many ancient peoples, including the Greeks and Romans, took part in the construction of Jerash. Many of the buildings have survived to this day and are ready to reveal their secrets to curious tourists..

In this Jordanian city, there are temples erected in honor of Zeus and Artemis, baths, a hippodrome, fountains and entire blocks of Roman residential buildings. Jerash in July will delight tourists with an arts festival, where you can get acquainted with the best achievements of local masters of words and music.

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