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Traditional Jordanian Cuisine

Food in Jordan is characterized by the fact that in local establishments you can have a snack at very reasonable prices. In cities, you can find restaurants with international cuisine (Arabic and European dishes), but in the provinces, your choice will be limited - visitors are offered exclusively local dishes..

Food in Jordan

Jordanian cuisine is based on the Lebanese, Syrian, Israeli and culinary preferences of the peoples of Saudi Arabia: local dishes are not very spicy - they are aromatic and spicy.

The diet of Jordanians consists of meat (veal, lamb, chicken), fish, vegetables, fruits, rice, legumes. Traditional dishes are seasoned with mint, various herbs, garlic, pepper, lemon juice, nuts.

Locals love meat dishes - they boil, bake, stew and grill it (usually rice or potatoes are served with meat). Soups are no less popular in the country, so you should pay attention to lentil soup with chicken, potatoes, lemon juice, carrots, spices, onions and herbs, as well as enjoy the taste of chicken soup, which is made from herbs, milchia leaves, garlic and onions..

In Jordan, you should try kebab; balls of mashed beans, beans or chickpeas, deep fried (“filafel”); steamed lamb with yoghurt sauce, served with vegetables and rice (“mansaf”); fish with rice (“sayadeh”); cold cuts (“Mashavi”); lentil and chicken chowder with onion and lemon (“adas”); a dish of meat, rice, potatoes, eggplant and spices (“maklyuba”); puree chickpea paste with garlic, olive oil and lemon juice (“hummus”).

Those with a sweet tooth will be able to enjoy baklava, which is called here baklava (it is made from honey and pistachios), sesame cookies (“sim sim”), light milk mousse (muhalyabiya), guava dessert, all kinds of ice cream.

In Jordan, there will be plenty to choose from for vegetarians - they can taste tomatoes fried or stewed with spices and garlic (you will be served rice or lavash with them); vegetable casseroles and salads; beans cooked with rice and tomato sauce.

Where to eat in Jordan? At your service:

  • cafes and restaurants offering their guests to taste local and international cuisine;
  • restaurants of international fast food chains (Burger King, McDonalds, Pizza Hut) and establishments with local fast food (in Abu Jbarah you can order falafel, in El Kalha - falafel and hummus, and in Al-Daya’ and Reem - shawarma).

Drinks in Jordan

Popular Jordanian drinks include peppermint tea, cardamom coffee, shaneeneh (salted and sour goat milk yogurt), sahlab (cinnamon coconut milk mousse), fruit juices, beer, wine, arak (anise liqueur).

Food tour to Jordan

On a food tour of Jordan, you will visit local restaurants that are distinguished by national style and flavor. In addition, a trip to a real Jordanian family and a Cooking Class will be organized for you - they will introduce you to the life of this family, teach you how to cook national dishes, and you can taste the prepared dishes together with the owners of the house..

Arriving on vacation in Jordan, you can enjoy the view of unusual desert landscapes, swim in the Red or Dead Sea, go on an excursion to Petra, visit popular reserves, taste colorful and unforgettable Arabic dishes.

Photos of Jordanian national dishes