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Car rental in Jordan

There are international and local rental offices in Jordan. It is mandatory for the client-driver to present an international driving license and a credit card. After that, a car is selected and a deposit is blocked, the amount of which is $ 150 - $ 500. If you want to save money, you should contact the travel agency. The rented cars have green license plates. It is important to note that the use of these numbers is also permitted by travel companies.

Car rental in Jordan does not involve driving outside the country.

In the event of a traffic accident caused by the tourist, the credit card deposit must be paid to the police. If the amount of damage caused exceeds the amount of the deposit on the card, the culprit will have to pay the costs for the repair work. In this regard, you should carefully analyze your own financial capabilities..

What to see in Jordan

What sights have captured the attention of tourists? You can see the best attractions.

  • The Wadi Rum Desert is a must-have stopping point on the road from Petra to Aqaba. This is where wonderful landscapes open up.
  • Jerash is a small city that has existed since the time of the Roman Empire. Every tourist can walk along the ancient streets, visit amphitheaters and Byzantine churches. For the high preservation of unique ancient objects, Jerash is usually called «Pompeii of the East».
  • Pella attracts archaeologists, because it is here that unique antiquities are located. Here you can see the traces left after the settlement of the 4th century BC. In addition, Pella is famous for the ruins of fortified cities that existed in the Bronze and Iron Ages. Among the ancient sights, the ruins of Byzantine churches should be noted. Tourists are also attracted by the residential quarter of the early Islamic period, whose houses are decorated with medieval mosaics..
  • The Caliph Desert Palaces consist of thirty residences, which were formerly adorned with flowering gardens. Previously, irrigation structures were used for irrigation, which were distinguished by an unusual design. If you are interested in the Arab Caliphate, you should visit the medieval baths of Qasr Amr, which are decorated with unusual frescoes depicting animals, people.

Are you dreaming of an eventful vacation? In this case, you should rent a car, think over a route in order to visit ancient cities and see the most unusual sights. Such a trip will surely leave the most pleasant impressions.!

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