Holidays in Jordan in October: prices and weather. Where to relax in Jordan in October

Holidays in Jordan in October

October is the ideal month for all kinds of holidays in Jordan. What weather conditions should you expect?

In October, the sweltering heat goes away, and instead comes a pleasant warmth. The air warms up to + 30C. This weather is ideal for both beach holidays and eventful excursions. However, you need to be prepared for the fact that the air cools down to + 12 ... 14C by night. The sea temperature continues to be comfortable. The Red Sea pleases +27 degrees, and the Dead Sea - +30 degrees. Enjoy active time and bathing for your health.!

How to spend time in Jordan in October

In October, you can enjoy a beach holiday in the resorts of the Red Sea. Such a pastime will allow you to enjoy the beautiful underwater world and take care of your figure and health..

Excursions in Jordan are ready to please with a variety, and the weather conditions in October allow you to go on long walks. Greco-Roman ruins can be seen in Jerash. Jordan is also famous for the Wadi Rum deserts, where you can mingle with the Bedouins. The excursion program should include a visit to the ancient city of Petra. Take the opportunity to visit various excursions, because October can be called the best month for this!

Shopping in Jordan

Holidays in Jordan in October can be different and you have the opportunity to include shopping in the program. Take the chance to shop for woven rugs, bottles of colorful sand from Petra beaches, olive wood crafts, pottery, brassware, jewelry, Jordanian cosmetics made with precious Dead Sea products.

In October, you can take advantage of a unique service, namely, order the collection of mud from the coast of the Dead Sea. To do this, you will need to pay 1 - 3 JOD. Remember that the exact amount depends on the difficulty of finding the dirt and the amount you need..

There are no important holidays in Jordan in October, so you can enjoy shopping to the fullest. However, remember that Friday is an official holiday. Christian-Owned Stores Closed Sunday.

Jordan is an unusual country, so travel is sure to give the best experience!

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