Excursions to Petra. Sightseeing tours of Petra

Excursions to Petra

Planning to visit Israel or Jordan? Great choice, these are amazing countries. But believe me, your vacation will not be entirely complete if you refuse an excursion to Petra.

Petra is an ancient city with more than two thousand years of history, carved out of pink rocks at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level. It was once the center of the ancient Nabataean kingdom and the secret capital of wealthy nomads and merchants who made their fortunes from the perfume and spice trade. Today, the city of Petra is the most important landmark in Jordan. It was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and is called another wonder of the world..

Since the ancient city is located close to the borders of Israel, Jordan and Egypt, you can organize sightseeing excursions to Petra from several resort areas. The closest to the mysterious place is the Egyptian resort of Taba, which is located on the shores of the northern coast of the Gulf of Aqaba. In this case, you will spend only about an hour on the road, and you can buy the excursion itself at street agencies. Excursions to Petra from the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh are also organized. You will have to get there either by plane or by bus and ferry.

Quite often, sightseeing tours to the ancient city are organized from Eilat, in the south of Israel, as well as from the resort of Aqaba (Jordan). On average, the journey takes 2-3 hours by bus, you can rent a jeep, it will be faster. In the city itself, people move either on foot or by horse. The tour itself will take you at least 4 hours, no road.

The way to the city of Petra lies through a narrow gorge in the rock. On the other side of the entrance, an unearthly sight awaits you. The facades of ancient tombs, streets, city aqueducts, and temples have been carved into the soft red rocks. The city has an amphitheater that can accommodate up to eight thousand spectators, and behind it opens the main part of the city. The variety of structures is simply impressive - these are triumphal arches, royal tombs, temples. There is also a Byzantine church full of mosaics, the tomb of Aaron (brother of Moses), and on the dais there is a monastery and a place for sacrifices..

What to take with you on the excursion

  • The most important thing is a passport and money for souvenirs;
  • Comfortable shoes - you will walk a lot;
  • Sunscreen (after all, the desert). If you are traveling in winter, take warm clothes;
  • Headwear, sunglasses;
  • Photo and video camera.

Photos of excursions to Petra