Jordanian cuisine: photos, dishes and recipes of the national cuisine of Jordan

Jordan cuisine

Despite the fact that the cuisine of Jordan is a kind of Arabic cooking, it has its own characteristics (contrary to popular belief, it is not very spicy and spicy).

National cuisine of Jordan

In Jordan, pork is not used for cooking, but lamb, poultry and veal are widely used, and potatoes, rice and wheat groats are used as a side dish. Soups are often prepared here - lentil soup with the addition of chicken, spices, onions, lemon juice or soup with chicken, herbs, mucha leaves (boiled rice is served with it).

Snacks, salads and main courses are often made with vegetables, herbs and herbs. So, in Jordan, salads are prepared from radishes, tomatoes, carrots, arugula and other vegetables (olive oil and lemon juice are used for dressing) and an appetizer in the form of baked eggplant, tomatoes and onions with tahini paste. As for bread, various varieties of lavash, traditional bread are popular in the country. “ragyf” and tortillas “kmazh”. If you are interested in Jordanian desserts try candied fruits, pistachio baklava, “javafa” (guava dessert).

Popular Jordanian dishes:

  • “mansaf” (a dish of mutton marinated in yoghurt, pine nuts and rice);
  • “farooj” (chicken fried on a spit - salad and flatbread are served with it);
  • “tabbouleh” (salad with tomatoes, parsley, wheat grits and spices);
  • “sambusak” (a dish in the form of deep-fried flour balls with meat filling);
  • “moajanat” (beef, spinach and herb pie).

Where to try Jordanian food?

There are many places to eat in Jordan: small cafes and expensive restaurants are available to travelers. If you want to try street food, you can buy a shawarma that costs a few dinars..

You can satisfy your hunger in Amman in “Tawaheen al-hawa” (here you can sit both in the hall and in a tent on the street; in this restaurant you will find large portions of national dishes, fast service and a cozy atmosphere), and in Jerash - in “Gardens & Green Valley Rst.” (here guests are treated to Arabic cuisine and freshly baked bread, which is baked in this restaurant in a traditional stone oven).

Cooking courses in Jordan

Having learned the schedule in advance, those who wish will have the opportunity to attend culinary master classes in local restaurants, followed by independent preparation of authentic Jordanian dishes..

A visit to Jordan is worth planning for the festival “Global Village” (July, Amman), within which you can get to know the national culture, feel the original folklore and cultural heritage of the Jordanian capital, as well as visit the culinary exhibition “Food court” (here you will be offered to taste Jordanian food).