Prices in Jordan - food, souvenirs, transport. How much money to take to Jordan

Prices in Jordan

By European standards, prices in Jordan are low: they are practically at the same level as in Turkey (lunch in an inexpensive cafe will cost $ 7-8).

Shopping and souvenirs

For carpets, it is advisable to go to the city of Madaba, and for gold jewelry - to the central part of Amman (there is a whole Golden Quarter here). You can buy goods of all famous brands in large department stores in Amman - Cozmo, Numan Mall, Jordan Mall, Safeway, Plaza Superstores. There are duty-free shops in the country: you will find one such shop at the airport and several more in the border areas with Palestine..

What to bring from Jordan?

  • bottles with colored sand, wicker rugs, Bedouin black silver jewelry, Hebron glass products, animal figurines carved from stone, antique sabers, olive tree figurines, cosmetics based on the gifts of the Dead Sea (salt, mud, water), gold jewelry, porcelain figurines, antiques, pottery, textiles with traditional embroidery;
  • spices, sweets, coffee, nuts.

In Jordan, you can buy the healing mud of the Dead Sea for $ 7/500 g., Spices - from $ 1, all kinds of figurines - from $ 3.5.

Excursions and entertainment

Going on an excursion to Amman, you can admire the ancient Citadel, the Byzantine church, the Roman amphitheater, the Palace of the Governor of the Umayyad era, the Roman Temple of Hercules, as well as visit the Archaeological Museum. This excursion will cost you $ 135.

On a guided tour of the holy sites, you will visit Bethany, Madaba and Mount Nebo. You will pay $ 80 for this excursion.

The approximate cost of entertainment: a ticket to Petra for the whole day costs $ 70, a visit to the Museum of Royal Cars - $ 4.5, Al-Karak Castle - $ 2.8, King Abdullah Mosque - $ 3, St. George Church - $ 1.5, entrance to the Wadi Rum Nature Reserve - $ 4.5, Azrak Nature Reserve - $ 10, Archaeological Park - $ 3, Mount Nebo - $ 1.5, visiting the hot springs of Hammamat Main - $ 21.

If you wish, you can go on a jeep safari in the Wadi Rum desert. For a tour on which you will see the rarest plants for this ecosystem and a variety of animals, for example, a sand cat, a stone goat, a gray desert wolf, you will be charged $ 80 (the price includes dinner by the fire).


For a bus ride within the city, on average, you will pay $ 1-3. Local taxis, although equipped with meters, should be agreed with the driver about the fare in advance. As a rule, 1 km of the way costs $ 0.42-0.56 (a trip from the center of Amman to the airport will cost you $ 14). And for 1 day of car rental you will pay $ 35-45 per day.

If you are an unassuming tourist, on vacation in Jordan you can keep within $ 20-25 per day for 1 person (cheap hotel, shopping for food from street vendors). But with the greatest comfort you can relax for $ 50-60 per day for 1 person.

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