Resorts of Jordan: photos, description

Resorts of Jordan

The cosmic and fantastic desert landscapes of Wadi Rum and the pink city of Petra, carved into the rocks by ancient Nabateans, the coast of the Dead Sea and amazing diving on the Red Sea - delights and amazing discoveries on vacation at the resorts of Jordan are countless.

For or Against?

A Russian tourist needs a visa to travel to Jordan, but this is where the formalities and inconveniences end. It remains only to evaluate the merits and choose the appropriate resort and hotel:

  • Flights to the capital of Jordan are operated by several Russian airlines and last about four hours. A further transfer to the resort towns is quite accessible by public transport, which is absolutely safe and air-conditioned..
  • Hotels in the resorts of Jordan are very comfortable and if they speak English at least at the school level, guests will have no problems communicating with the staff..
  • The microclimate in a resort on the Red Sea allows you to relax here 12 months a year, and even in the hottest season in Aqaba is much more comfortable than in Egypt or Turkey.

Near the Dead Sea

Only two states have the honor of receiving guests on the shores of the Dead Sea, and the resorts of Jordan in this sense are much preferable.
Firstly, the Jordanian coast of the saltiest lake in the world boasts hotels with their own beaches, the entrance to which is only available to guests..
A wide selection of spa treatments and the ability to treat some dermatological ailments are not the only arguments in favor of choosing the resorts of Jordan. Prices for accommodation in local hotels are slightly lower than on the opposite bank, and comfort and service are in no way inferior to the level of hotels in a neighboring country.
An interesting feature of the Dead Sea in the north is the waves arising from the Jordan River flowing into the reservoir here..

Always in the TOP

Jordan's premier beach resort is gorgeous Aqaba on the Red Sea. The city is surrounded by mountains, and therefore the exhausting hot winds of the deserts do not penetrate here, even at the height of summer. The water temperature in the sea bay, on the contrary, and in July remains in the region of +25, and therefore swimming in the Red Sea here is pleasantly refreshing.
Beachfront pleasures in this Jordan resort include a typical array of seaside activities, water sports and boat and yacht trips along the bay. Divers pay special attention to Aqaba, because the local underwater world is amazingly diverse and colorful.

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