Taxi in Mexico - prices, order. How much does a taxi cost in Mexico

Taxi in Mexico

Taxi in Mexico

Taxis in Mexico are a very popular and very common form of transport. More recently, the number of crimes related to taxi rides was very high. However, every year the country's authorities try to reduce them to a minimum..

Features of Mexican taxi

Before calling a taxi in Mexico, you need to remember that travel in this type of transport has its own characteristics, which not everyone knows about..

  • Usually taxi drivers do not give change, therefore, when getting into a taxi car, it is advisable to have bills of various denominations with you in order to easily pay the amount named by the driver.
  • Before traveling, agree on the fare in advance, even if there is a meter in the taxi car.
  • It is better to call a taxi car from an official taxi company than just catch a passing private car on the street.
  • In Mexico there is a pink taxi for women. The drivers in these cars are women. These taxis are considered the safest..
  • Tourist taxi. This is an opportunity not only to get to the desired place, but also to listen to a small but interesting excursion story from the driver.
  • Sitio taxis are taxi cars that arrive by phone call.

Taxi fares in Mexico

For a 10-minute taxi ride, you will have to shell out about $ 5. Maybe less if you agree with the driver about the price in advance. For one kilometer of travel, you will need to pay about $ 0.5. If you want to take a taxi for the whole day, then you will need to prepare approximately $ 100. But it is convenient and practical. If you call a taxi at night, you should be prepared for the fact that the rates will increase by about 10%, and maybe even more. It depends on which taxi company you use.

Taxis can be called by phone: Servi-Taxis (+ 52 5516 6020); Radio-Taxi (+52 5566 0077).

Airport Taxi

If you take a taxi at the airport, then this will not be a problem at all. Official companies are always ready to provide their services. Finding a taxi at the airport is very easy, you just need to follow the signs that will show you where the cars are. Taxi services can be paid at special counters in the airport lobby. Don't settle for the services of private taxi drivers. You will be taken to the city from the airport for about $ 20-100, depending on how you managed to negotiate with the driver.

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