South African airports - list of South African international airports

Airports in South Africa

There is no direct flight to the airports of South Africa from Russia yet in any schedule - the way to the very south of the black continent is too far. But the desire to taste African exoticism does not stop compatriots, and every day those who want to enjoy new colors and impressions fly to the Cape of Good Hope..
Connecting flights from Moscow to Johannesburg and Cape Town are operated daily by Lufthansa via Frankfurt and British Airways via London. At many European airports, you can also transfer to South African Airways, the national carrier of South Africa. In any case, you will have to spend at least 14 hours in the sky..

South Africa International Airports

Several dozen airports in South Africa allow you to conveniently and quickly travel to all the important tourist destinations in the country. At the same time, several air ports have international status:

  • Cape Town Airport is the second in terms of passenger traffic in South Africa. Connected by regular flights with Johannesburg, several cities in South Africa and European and Asian capitals. Details on the website -
  • South African Capital Airport Durban is temporarily closed for renovation.
  • Serving the Kruger National Park, Mpumalanga Airport accepts, in addition to domestic flights, aircraft from the city of Levingston in Zambia.
  • Passengers from Namibia and South African cities fly to Lanseria harbor.

At the end of the earth

The largest airport in South Africa is located in the largest city in the country - Johannesburg. From here, there are direct flights to all continents. While waiting for the flight in the terminal, you can shop in stores, have lunch, go to a beauty salon, dry cleaning, buy medicines, exchange currency and send mail.
The terminals are connected to the city via the Gautrain express train and five bus routes. Taxis and rental cars are available in the arrivals area of ​​both the international and domestic terminals.

For good hope

Airplanes from many countries land 20 km from the center of Cape Town - the city where the airport is located is famous for its Table Mountain and the Cape of Good Hope..
The international and domestic terminals are connected by a single corridor, the departure zones are located on the second level, and the arrivals - on the first. All the necessary infrastructure facilities corresponding to the international status of the air port are at the passengers' service..
A special highlight of the airport is the Spur restaurant, which is open on the third level above the departure area. The largest in area on the black continent, the restaurant offers, in addition to a varied menu, amazing views of the airfield and allows you to watch the boards of the best airlines in the world take off and land.
The airport schedule includes flights to Paris, London, Dubai, Addis Ababa, Zurich, Amsterdam, Doha, Singapore and many other cities in the world.
The shuttle service is convenient with the MyCity buses, departing from 4.30 am to 10 pm every 20 minutes to the city center. Taxis work around the clock.