Capital of South Africa: map, photo. What is the capital of South Africa?

Pretoria - the capital of South Africa

The capital of South Africa, Pretoria, is amazingly beautiful. Unusual architecture, flowering evergreen trees planted along the roads, magnificent parks and numerous fountains invariably attract thousands of tourists.

Van Wouve House Museum

Be sure to visit the home of Van Voevo, the famous sculptor Anton Van Voeva. And although by birth he was a Dutchman, he spent most of his life in this country. The sculptor turned his last house into a real studio. Here you will see tools, mockups, and miniature copies of Vouve's work..

The mansion was completed in 1938. Already at the design stage, it was conceived as a studio house. The building fits perfectly into the surrounding landscape, making up a single harmonious whole. Van Voe simply adored nature, so the house is surrounded by a magnificent garden with an artificial pond..

The mansion also saw the death of the sculptor, who left the world in 1945. The university bought the building in 1973, where the Van Voeva Museum was later organized.


The river carries its waters through the territory of the entire capital. Its name literally translates as «little monkeys». Indeed, once they lived here in huge numbers. You can find the source of the river not far from the city, near the borders of the Erasmus Park.

The most interesting place on the river is the Lion Bridge. Why he was given such a name, unfortunately, is unknown. This is the oldest pontoon in the capital, dating back to 1887, in 1981 it became a national monument of the country.

Callilene Mine

The development of the diamond mine began in 1903. It got its name from the first owner - Thomas Callilen. Unique blue diamonds are mined here, the cost of which, after cutting, is simply off scale.

Exhibition halls, where you can see the legendary stones with your own eyes, are always open to the public. If you wish, you can even go down to the mine, where all this beauty is mined. In addition, you will have the opportunity to purchase exclusive diamonds directly from the manufacturer.


The local zoo is one of the largest zoos in the world and occupies a truly huge area of ​​sixty hectares. The number of local inhabitants is simply incredible. These are 120 species of representatives of the bird kingdom, 130 species of mammals and just countless numbers of amphibians, fish and reptiles..

Since the size of the park is huge, and it is simply unrealistic to walk around it, you can rent a small car. There are no enclosures or fencing in the park, so you can admire pelicans or flamingos up close.