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Cape Town Tours

One of the most beautiful cities on the planet and the most visited place by tourists in the south of the black continent, twinning the Russian St. Petersburg and an important staging post on the way of Dutch seafarers who were exploring Asia - all this is Cape Town, the legislative capital of South Africa. Every traveler who finds himself here will certainly dream of flying again, fascinated by nature, hospitality and amazing architecture of the city on the Cape of Good Hope. For any person, tours to Cape Town are an exhilarating adventure through the pages of children's books about travel, which are stored on the shelf as a memory of the time when one could dream endlessly..

History with geography

The first human settlement in these parts arose at least 12 thousand years ago. This is evidenced by archaeological finds. At the end of the 15th century, the first Europeans appeared here, but immigrants from the Old World settled in Cape Town only a hundred years later..
The city often fought and passed from the Dutch to the British, then the Gold Rush began, which rapidly increased its population. The war for gold and diamonds, the satisfaction of political ambitions, the desire for independence and its acquisition - all these are stages of the long journey of the South African city.
Cape Town tour participants are guaranteed gorgeous landscape views of the mountains and ocean surrounding Cape Town. It is located on the Cape Peninsula in southern Africa and natural scenery for photography here are Table Mountain and Cape Point, which stretches far into the waters of the Atlantic..

Briefly about the important

  • Cape Town lies in a subtropical climate zone in the southern hemisphere. Summer here begins in December and the air temperature in January can reach +40. The water in the vicinity is always cool and does not warm up to more than +19. In winter, temperature values ​​reach +28, which allows us to call Cape Town the city of eternal summer. The highest rainfall for Cape Town tour participants is guaranteed in winter.
  • It is best to fly to South Africa with a transfer at one of the European airports, and you can get from the terminals to the city center by a special tourist bus, which makes several stops along the way, or by local trains.
  • Once at the start of the tour in Cape Town in the country's capital Johannesburg, you can take the MetroRail train. Its route is usually very scenic and the way to Cape Town will become a real sightseeing tour of the country..
  • Dedicated fans of Cape Town are surfers. The waves that the Atlantic gives here are able to conquer even the most experienced and seasoned athletes. Cape beaches are always full of those ready to dive for adrenaline.