Food in South Africa. Food prices in South Africa: food

Traditional South African cuisine

Food in South Africa is characterized by the fact that its cost is lower than in the USA and many European countries.

Food in South Africa

In South Africa, African, Cape Malay (this cuisine is represented by marinated fish and seafood dishes, as well as spicy side dishes, all kinds of spices and seasonings), Indian and Boer cuisine (famous for its meat dishes) are widespread..
The African diet consists of fish, seafood (oysters, squid, lobster, mussels), meat, fruits, vegetables, corn.
In South Africa, you should try biltong (jerky); "burevors" (a roll with grilled sausage); "bobotie" (meatloaf flavored with curry and other spices); "sosaties" (grilled lamb with dried apricots); fruit salad with lobster; smoked halibut; shark fins; sea ​​urchin caviar.
If you are an exotic lover, then in South Africa you should try fried caterpillars, sheep's head, crocodile or antelope steak, parrot legs and zebra tails.
In South Africa, you can eat at:
- cafes and restaurants offering their visitors to choose both African and international dishes (Italian, Portuguese, French, Moroccan, Chinese cuisine);
- restaurants offering fusion-style dishes (they combine the culinary traditions of different peoples of the world);
- fast food restaurants (Wimpy, McDonalds, KFC).

Drinks in South Africa

Popular African drinks include tea, coffee with milk, ginger beer, wine (local wines have a tart and thick aroma), appletizer and graptiser (local sparkling drinks made from fruit juices).
Foam drink lovers can try both local (Hansa, Black Label, SAB Miller, Castle Milk Stout) and imported (Grolsch, Stella Artois) beers.
It is worth considering that in ordinary local supermarkets you can only buy wine, while beer and spirits can be found in special alcohol stores..

Gastronomic tour in South Africa

Gourmets should organize a "delicious" trip around the cities of South Africa. This journey will begin in Johannesburg - here you will dine at the Piccolo Mondo restaurant with seafood dishes.
On one of the days of the gastronomic tour, in national restaurants you will be treated to exotic dishes, for example, steaks from the meat of an antelope, zebra, crocodile, ostrich and giraffe.
In addition, you will visit the village of Lesede - here you will get acquainted with the way of life, way of life and cuisine of 5 South African tribes.
When visiting Cape Town, an ostrich and antelope carpaccio tasting is organized for you, and in Stellenbosch you will taste local wines.
On the final evening, before leaving for your homeland, you will visit the restaurant "Moyo", where you will be served ostrich fillet seasoned with Ethiopian spices, as well as a dish based on African spinach.
On vacation in South Africa, you can enjoy the African climate, flora and fauna, go to national parks on safari or the savannah to satisfy your hiking needs, relax on the shores of the Indian and Atlantic oceans, taste South African cuisine.

Photos of South African national dishes