Entertainment in Adler - photo. Amusement parks in Adler.

Things to do in Adler

Things to do in Adler

Entertainment in Adler is represented by nightclubs, bars, concert halls and cinemas, as well as active pastime (rock climbing, canyoning, paragliding).

Amusement parks in Adler

  • “Sochi Park” (Disneyland): here you can spend time in one of the thematic zones - in “Eco village”, “Enchanted forest”, “The land of heroes” and others; ride various attractions (“Cheerful pirate”, “Drifter”, “Dragon”, slide “Quantum leap”); have fun in the children's town with labyrinths; admire laser and entertainment show programs.
  • “Ice-Club”: This ice entertainment center consists of 2 parts - tropical jungle and ice arena. Here you can try refreshing cocktails and lemonade, attend a themed party, go ice skating on colorful ice to the music.

What entertainment in Adler?

You can have a great time in the Sochi Discovery World Oceanarium - from the guide you will learn about its underwater inhabitants (there are about 4000 of them here). You will also be offered a walk through a transparent tunnel passing under water..

Can't imagine your vacation without water sports? At your service - riding “pills”, “banana”, pedal boats, opportunities for parasailing, rafting and diving. In addition, you can go on a boat trip on a boat or yacht.

Is your favorite pastime on the dance floors? Take a closer look at nightclubs “Ecstasy”, “Triangle” (specialization of the club - rock music), “FeRoom” (interesting show programs, karaoke, bowling and billiards will be waiting for you).

Don't like to be bored? Go jeep - a jeep excursion will be organized for you through the colorful places of the Adler region and Sochi, during which you will see caves, mountains and magnificent landscapes.

Entertainment for children in Adler

Children should be delighted with a visit to the Marine Park “Water area” - watching the performances of dolphins, walruses, fur seals and lions, your child will experience a real delight. And also little visitors will be able to play here in “tailball” together with white whales.

A visit to an amusement park can be a fun adventure “Seaside”: at the service of small and large visitors - the Ferris wheel and other interesting attractions, including water.

An entertainment center "Madagascar" was created especially for children in Adler, so when making a list of must-see places, do not forget to indicate this place in it. Your child will be able to explore tunnels and labyrinths here, walk along suspension bridges on chains, have fun on open and closed slides.

If your little one enjoys visiting water parks, visit the water park with the whole family. “Amphibius”: your child will be able to have fun at the children's attractions - “Octopus” and “Elephant”; and you - on the rides for adults - “Taboga” and “Lagoon”.

On vacation in Adler, you can see medieval monuments, take excursions to waterfalls and dolmens, see plants collected from all over the planet in the Park “Southern cultures”.


  • Things to do in Adler
  • Things to do in Adler
  • Things to do in Adler