Children's camps in Adler for the summer. Children's camps in Adler 2015

Children's camps in Adler

Children's camps in Adler

The center of the Adler district of Sochi is Adler. This resort is one of the best on the Black Sea coast. It is located 22 km from Sochi and 8 km from Khosta. It is convenient to get here, as Adler is distinguished by a variety of road routes. The resort can be reached by road, rail or sea, as well as by plane. Children's camps in Adler have always been popular with Russians.

What kind of rest is possible

The resort is a sunny and picturesque corner of the coast. Rest here has a lot of advantages: clean sea, healthy air, air and sun baths. Staying on the territory of Adler is useful for children and adults. Rest can be wonderful at any time - during the high or velvet season. Tourists tend to come here to enjoy a beach holiday, so they spend most of their leisure time next to the sea. The beaches are well equipped and offer all kinds of water activities: boat trips, trampolines, «bananas» and jet skis, attractions, etc. Autumn is the best time for educational excursions.

There are theme parks and wonderful mountains near Adler. Tourists go hiking and bus tours. The modern resort is beautiful at any time of the day or night. On its territory there are squares and parks where you can relax in the shade of trees. Adler is famous for its well-developed infrastructure. Vacationers purchase vouchers in advance to sanatoriums, camps and boarding houses.

Children's camps in Adler are rightfully considered one of the best camps in Greater Sochi. Rest in them gives pleasure and is remembered by children for a long time. Children are attracted not only by a beach holiday, but also by an educational one. They go hiking, visit exhibitions and museums.

Local nature pleases with its beauty. The territory of the resort is fenced off from the northern winds by the Greater Caucasus Range. In the sea, the water remains warm even with the arrival of autumn. If you wish, you can continue swimming until October. There are health camps in Adler that operate all year round. You cannot swim during the winter shift as the water is cold. However, it is very useful to walk along the seashore, inhaling fresh air..

Rest and wellness

Adler's camps and sanatoriums perfectly combine interesting rest and wellness procedures. In the sanatoriums, a variety of medical procedures are possible: massage, swimming pool, physiotherapy, etc. Treatment takes place against the backdrop of a benevolent environment. Children feel psychological comfort, which makes the treatment even more effective. If treatment is not required, children can simply relax by attending recreational activities..

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