Anapa for children - what to see. Where to go with a child in Anapa

Anapa for children

Anapa for children

Anapa has always been considered the best place for families with children. It is not only about entertainment, but also about a beach holiday that is convenient for children. She fell in love with vacationers for sandy beaches, clean and shallow sea. And of course, there is where to go with the whole family..

Where to live

You should prepare carefully for a trip to Anapa, especially if it is a trip with the whole family. You should not rely on the promises of private traders and go to the first private mini-hotel that comes along. The owners may turn out to be unscrupulous and instead of a clean, cozy house on the seashore, you will find yourself several kilometers away not only from the beach, but also from the nearest cafe. In short, the conditions may be very different from what was promised. And this can completely ruin any vacation. Therefore, at least it is worth choosing a private guest house according to the recommendations of friends..
It is best to choose all the same in travel agencies. There you will be offered not only hotels, but also boarding houses and sanatoriums. The latter option is suitable for those who travel not only to relax, but also to heal..
For a holiday with a child, the ideal option is a hotel with children's animators. Usually animators keep the kids busy all day long with all kinds of fun games. They organize parties, contests and even prepare concerts with little vacationers. So that your child has a good rest.
The sanatoriums have special health programs for frequently ill children or children with various chronic diseases. In combination with the healing sea air, the procedures have a good effect and will help you and your children to improve their health..

Where to have fun

In Anapa, there are several options for how to have fun with the whole family:

  • aquapark
  • amusement park
  • dolphinarium.

 Aquapark «Golden beach» famous for the variety of slides. Not only children, but also adults will like to ride them. In addition, there is the only attraction in Russia. «Stormy sea».
In the park of the 30th anniversary of Victory, you can take a walk in the shade and ride on carousels, «American» roller coaster, jump on a trampoline.
The dolphinarium is located 20 kilometers from the city on the territory of the Bolshoi Utrish nature reserve. Seals and Black Sea dolphins perform in the outdoor pool. Kids will love the show. It is worth noting the unique juniper forest that grows here.

When to go

Relaxing - swimming and sunbathing in Anapa is good throughout the summer and the velvet season. The weather is warm and pleasant even in March, April, as well as in October, but during these months it is no longer so comfortable to swim..


  • Anapa for children
  • Anapa for children