Excursions in Anapa. Sightseeing tours in Anapa

Excursions in Anapa

Excursions in Anapa

If you chose Anapa for your vacation, then you made the right choice. Here you can not only enjoy swimming in the warm sea, soak up the beach, but also learn a lot of new things by going on excursions. This city, which is at least 250 years old, has a lot to see. Many legends and tales about the amazing past still live in these places, which you can learn in more detail if you go on organized excursions in Anapa. There are programs with a historical bias, special excursions for vacationers with children, with visits to museums or waterfalls in the vicinity of the city, pilgrimages, etc. There are plenty of museums here for every taste.

  1. Museum of Money;
  2. Museum of the Russian Bell;
  3. Museum «Mother Mary»;
  4. Museum of local lore.

In addition to museums, there are many historical sites, beautiful corners of nature, which also deserve the attention of vacationers..

If you are relaxing with children ...

Dolphins are amazing and unusual animals. If you are on vacation with children, we recommend that you definitely visit the dolphinarium. The performances of dolphins and fur seals will not leave anyone indifferent. And how many pleasant sensations will you experience looking at the graceful movements of these marine life!

If you are partial to history ...

You should definitely touch it and go on an excursion to the dolmens. These ancient stone slab structures can be compared in age to the Egyptian pyramids. Yes, they are not so majestic, but they keep in themselves no less secrets than the world-famous Sphinx. The guide will surely tell you more than one legend about how they were built and for what, what significance for the peoples living many centuries ago on these lands..

If you want to ride horses ...

For lovers of horseback riding and nature, there is a special excursion to the Sukko Valley. If you do not even have enough experience to confidently ride in the saddle, it is still worth visiting here. During the entire excursion, there will be an experienced instructor nearby, who will always prompt and help. The trip takes place through the beautiful mountainous areas of Anapa. For the excursion, you should stock up on comfortable shoes and clothes.

Sightseeing excursions

If you want to learn as much interesting and informative as possible about these places in a short period of time, then we advise you to sign up for sightseeing tours in Anapa, of which there are also many. A sightseeing tour with a yacht trip and a visit to the museum will be very interesting and rich. «Gorgippia», where unique archaeological artifacts are collected. On this excursion, you will also get acquainted with the Russian-Turkish gate, which serves as a silent reminder of the Russian-Turkish wars and, of course, you will taste the Kuban wines.

Many will like the sightseeing tour with a visit to Temryuk. The focus here is a visit to the archaeological museum «Military slide», which is in the open air. During the excursion, a visit to the winery with tasting of Taman wines is also planned..

Choose any excursion to your taste and enjoy your vacation!

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