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Independent travel to Anapa

Independent travel to Anapa

The famous Russian resort on the Black Sea coast is famous as a balneological and climatic health resort, optimally suited for a family beach holiday with children and the treatment of a large list of ailments and diseases.

When to go to Anapa?

The combination of the sea and steppe climate of Anapa guarantees very warm dry weather during the beach season, the comfort of which is maintained by the sea breezes. Winter Anapa means mild temperatures, rare snow, green lawns and many sunny days, allowing you to spend time on pleasant excursions and walks in the fresh air.

How to get to Anapa?

Anapa has its own airport, from which the easiest way to get to the city center is by shuttle bus. Rail transport allows you to get directly to the resort only in the summer season. In winter, Tunnelnaya station, 30 km from the city, is the final point on the railway route from the capital of Russia to Novorossiysk. Then you will have to change to a bus that will take guests to the city center in less than an hour..

Housing issue

For vacationers in Anapa there are two types of housing - the private sector and hotels. It is very easy to rent a room or an apartment from local residents - already at the station, caring owners are happy to welcome guests and offer their apartments at quite attractive prices. On sites dedicated to rest in Anapa, you can choose and book accommodation in advance. Hotels in Anapa exist for any income and guarantee comfort and service of varying degrees. In high season, which begins in the resort in May, it is worth booking a hotel in advance.

Argue about tastes

Restaurants and cafes in Anapa are a unique fusion of Russian, Caucasian and oriental cuisine. Shish kebabs and pilaf, manti and pasties, salads and pastries, the menu of each establishment has its own "zest" and "nails" of the program. Many cafes are open right in the beach area, which makes it possible to have a snack or a full lunch without leaving the sea. The main criterion for choosing such establishments is an assessment of the sanitary condition and the number of already tanned, and therefore experienced, vacationers standing in line..

Informative and fun

In addition to excellent beaches with a gentle entrance to the water, the main attractions of Anapa are the Aquarium with representatives of the Black Sea fauna and Victory Park with numerous attractions. At the diving center you can take scuba diving lessons, and at the yacht club you can learn how to set a sail. Nightclubs and discos are recommended for young parents and adult children, and the excursion to the dolphinarium is especially popular with kids.

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