Rest in Krasnodar - photo. Summer vacation in Krasnodar 2015

Rest in Krasnodar

Rest in Krasnodar

Rest in Krasnodar is a wonderful nature, many attractions, delicious Kuban cuisine. In addition, business people come here to sign profitable contracts (negotiations, seminars, conferences are held in the city).

The main types of recreation in Krasnodar

  • Excursion: as part of the excursion tours you will visit the Bridge of Kisses, the Troops Cathedral of Alexander Nevsky, St. Catherine's Cathedral, the Vysotsky House of Creativity, the Museum of History and Local Lore, the Literary Museum of the Kuban, see a monument to a wallet and an architectural complex “Kind Angel of Peace”.
  • Active: everyone can go hunting (for legal hunting, you need to issue a special permit) - you can hunt steppe, waterfowl, meadow and upland game in August-October, wild boar - in June-December, fur-bearing animals - in October-December ... In Krasnodar, you can also fish (fishing bases are located a few kilometers from the city) on the Krasnodar reservoir, the Azov floodplains and small reservoirs (the fishing season lasts from April to November and from January to March). In addition, you can play paintball here (visit the clubs “Sabotage” and “Stalker”) and ride a horse (at your service - equestrian center “Hussar”).
  • Event-driven: do not miss the opportunity to take part in the rich cultural life of the city - visit Krasnodar during the Maslenitsa festivities (March), accompanied by performances by creative teams, Cossack games, the traditional burning of a scarecrow; during the holiday “Watermelon paradise” (August), holding the Dance Festival “Eastern Starfall” (April) and Festival “Kuban wines” (December).
  • Family: water parks are great for families with children “AquaLand” and “Equator”, oceanarium “OceanPark”, zoo “Safari Park” (120 species of animals and birds live here), Exotarium “Reptile park”, rope park, planetarium “Sphere”, the park “Sunny island” (here you can ride all kinds of attractions).

Prices for tours to Krasnodar

The most favorable period for recreation in Krasnodar is April-June and September-October. You should be prepared for an increase in the cost of tours in May-July by about 30-55%. To buy tours that are attractive in price, it is worth planning a vacation in this city for September-October. In addition, the prices for tours to Krasnodar will pleasantly please vacationers here in the off-season..

On a note!

When going to Krasnodar, it is advisable to pack comfortable shoes and clothes, sunglasses and cream, a hat or cap in your suitcase.

It is convenient to get around Krasnodar by buses, minibuses and taxis.

From Krasnodar, you can bring sets of Krasnodar tea, wine, honey, dried fruits, ceramic products and figurines.

Photos of rest in Krasnodar

  • Rest in Krasnodar
  • Rest in Krasnodar
  • Rest in Krasnodar